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This is ω-3 (Omega-3), the band that plays all the music you hear in Salmon Run.

This is an unusual combination of cello, timpani and DJ, and many part-time workers find themselves prisoners of the irregular 7/8 beat. We are meant to be researching squids, but we have also found an interest in salmon...

— Splatoon JP Twitter, [1]

ω-3 (Omega-3) (膏肓 Kōkō?, , lit. Vital organs) is a band in Splatoon 2. They are not seen in-game, but are credited on Squid Beatz 2.


ω-3's music, which plays in Salmon Run, consists of a cello, a timpani, and synthesizers, sound effects, and other percussion instruments made by the DJ. Their music is usually very frantic and stressful, relating to the chaotic nature brought upon by Salmon Run. Their songs also have quite fast tempos which change regularly. They also use a variety of time signatures and rarely use common time (4/4), which helps to add to the confusion and disorientation. Each instrument usually has a solo in each piece, where it is singled out and plays a virtuous piece of music. Strange sound effects are usually thrown into some pieces, emphasizing the weird nature of Salmon Run.


The following descriptions of the ω-3 trio are taken from a series of tweet dated 27 September 2017, from the official Japanese Splatoon Twitter.

The Cellist

After the long wait, let's introduce the members. He is the leader and composer, a cello player. It seems he's in his 50s. A stubborn person who does not listen to anything and who won't recognize anything but the most radical works, but cares about the delicate aspects of the atmosphere. Incredibly clumsy, he can only express these feelings in songs.[2][3]

The Timpani player

In charge of the timpani, he's in his late 20s, as people say. Always forward-facing, he puts his heart and soul into his performance. A sharp guy who does nothing but pushes forward toward his goal. While he's unskilled at taking into account the feelings of others, his one-of-a-kind violent rhythm cheers up and inspires all salmon warriors.[2][4]

The DJ

The DJ, he's the youngest out of all the members. With a considerably rough temperament, he's an individual that seems to take an attitude in opposition to most else. His behavior toward the older members is always irreverent and disrespectful. However, his talent and reckless-yet-fitting play style brings forth an unpredictable development, and thus creates an unpredictable groove that can be said to embody the true worth of ω-3's music. [2][5]


  • Tutorial (膏肓 Kōkō?, lit. Vital organs)
  • Deluge Dirge (囂々 Gōgō?, lit. Clamor)
  • Fishing Frenzy (竜穴?)
  • Frantic Aspic (鼕々?)


  • The band's name is a reference to Omega-3 fatty acids, which are dietary acids most commonly found in fatty fish (such as salmon) and fish oil.
  • While the other Salmon Run soundtracks were available since the launch of Splatoon 2, Frantic Aspic was not released until version 4.0.0 and will only play in-game in place of Deluge Dirge during a Wildcard rotation.
  • In the song "Fishing Frenzy", the ending part of the song is actually a reference to the music when the player’s shift ends in Salmon Run.
    • This is also due to the fact that stronger Salmonids and harder waves appear at night. This is the song that plays at night waves.


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