The .52 Gal Deco is a Main Shooter weapon in Splatoon. It is the custom variant of the .52 Gal.


A bedazzled .52 Gal shooter. Your opponents may laugh at you... until you run them down with Seekers and the almighty Inkstrike.

Weapon Quote

'A bedazzled .52 Gal shooter. Your opponents may laugh at you...until you run them down with Seekers and the almighty Inkstrike.'


  • The .52 Gal Deco is a bedazzled custom variant of the .52 Gal.
  • This weapon has the exact same stats as the .52 Gal, but with a different skin and the Seekers and Inkstrikes.


Shooters are the backbone of (almost) any good team. They're versatile and varied with each weapon, and cover plenty of ground, as well as apply more pressure to the enemy team than either Charger or Roller weapons.

The .52 gal deco has a very good damage per second, making it very good for ranked battle. It has the same range as the Tentatek Splattershot, so it is a mid-range weapon. It deals 52 damage, so it's a two-shot-splat. This can be countered by one Defense Up, making it a three-shot-splat. The .52 gal deco comes with the versatile seeker, which can be used for mobility, or an offensive weapon. The Inkstrike can be used to scatter opponents, so you and your teammates can move in to strike.

Tips For facing each weapon type

  • Shooter-type weapons are at a disadvantage when facing you, because of your high damage and respectable range. Try to get the drop, or surprise your foes by sneaking up on them with seekers. Just watch for Squelchers or other shooters that outrange you.
  • Rollers suffer the same weaknesses as shooters, but don't sneak up and surprise them point-blank. Watch out for Dynamo Rollers and you should be good to go.
  • Chargers should prove a nuisance because of your mediocre range. Just try to use a seeker to swim into point-blank range, or use an Inkstrike to force the charger of his/her perch.

Names in other languages

Language Name Notes
Japanese .52ガロンデコ
.52 Garon Deko
.52 Gallon Deco
French (NA & PAL) Calibre 2000 chic
German .52 Gallon Deko .52 Gallon Deco

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