The .96 Gal is a Main shooter weapon in Splatoon.


The .96 Gal is similar in appearance to the .52 Gal, but has a longer nozzle. What the weapon lacks in fire rate it makes up for with its above average range and high damage. The player must be careful of its quick Ink consumption, as it leaves them open to being splatted. It has the Sprinkler as its sub weapon and the Echolocator as its special.

Weapon Quote

"Similar to the .52 Gal, but with an improved mechanism and a more stable shot. Range and power have been increased... at the cost of being even more ink hungry."

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese .96ガロン
.96 Garon
.96 Gallon
French (NA & PAL) Calibre 3000
German .96 Gallon
Russian Струевик .96

Struyevik .96

Jet Stream .96 "Deko"

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This weapon, along with it's cousin the .52 Gal, appears to be based off the Milkor Multiple Grenade Launcher due to the similar sight, stock, reservoir/grenade storage system, and grip.

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