Ammo Knights

Ammo Knights (Japanese: カンブリアームズ Kanburi Arms) is a shop run by Sheldon in Splatoon and Splatoon 2. It can be accessed from Booyah Base. Here, players can purchase weapons with in-game money earned in multiplayer matches and amiibo challenges. Sheldon will add more weapons as you level up, as well as through progressing in the single player campaign.


Ammo Knights sells a variety of weapons being unlocked from lvl 1-50. Plus weapons unlocked through Boss Battles.

Columns: Weapon, Level Unlocked, Coins Needed To Purchase, Sub Weapon, Special Weapon, and Scroll Needed (if needed).

Splattershot Jr. 1 N/A Splat Bomb Bubbler N/A
Splattershot 2 500 Burst Bomb Bomb Rush N/A
Custom Splattershot Jr. 2 800 Disruptor Echolocator Octostomp Scroll
Splat Roller 3 1,000 Suction Bomb Killer Wail N/A
Splat Charger 3 1,000 Splat Bomb Bomb Rush N/A
Tentatek Splattershot 4 2,000 Suction Bomb Inkzooza N/A
Kelp Splat Charger 4 2,500 Sprinkler Killer Wail Octonozzle Scroll
.52 Gal 5 3,000 Splash Wall Killer Wail N/A
Classic Squiffer 6 5,000 Point Sensor Bubbler N/A
Krak-On Splat Roller 7 3,000 Squid Beacon Kraken N/A
Aerospray MG 7 4,500 Seeker Inkzooza Octowhirl Scroll
Jet Squelcher 8 4,000 Splash Wall Inkstrike N/A
Blaster 9 3,500 Disruptor Killer Wail N/A
Splattershot Pro 10 8,000 Splat Bomb Inkstrike N/A
.52 Gal Deco 11 4,500 Seeker Inkstrike N/A
New Squiffer 11 4,500 Ink Mine Inkzooza Octomaw Scroll
.96 Gal 12 7,600 Sprinkler Echolocator N/A
Splatterscope 13 3,500 Splat Bomb Bomb Rush N/A
Aerospray RG 13 16,800 Ink Mine Inkstrike Octowhirl Scroll
Rapid Blaster 14 10,000 Ink Mine Bubbler N/A
Custom Jet Squelcher 15 7,900 Burst Bomb Kraken N/A
Dynamo Roller 15 7,900 Sprinkler Echolocator Octobot King Scroll
Dual Squelcher 16 9,800 Splat Bomb Echolocator N/A
Custom Blaster 17 6,800 Point Sensor Bubbler N/A
Kelp Splatterscope 17 7,800 Sprinkler Killer Wail N/A
E-Liter 3K 18 12,500 Burst Bomb Echolocator N/A
Rapid Blaster Deco 19 14,800 Suction Bomb Bomb Rush N/A
Forge Splattershot Pro 20 19,800 Point Sensor Inkzooza N/A
Gold Dynamo Roller 20 25,000 Splat Bomb Inkstrike

Octobot King Scroll


Ammo Knights sells weapons of all variety. It also features a testing area to experiment with potential purchases.

The Shop is owned by Sheldon who presumably is carrying on the work of his grandfather.

Shooting Range

Ammoknightstest The Shooting Range can be accessed from Ammo Knights by pressing Y Button. This location lets the player use weapons in a closed environment before and after purchasing them. It is comprised of a long, narrow area with dashed lines to test range, three squid dummies, and grated platforms attached to the walls. A ramp from this area leads to a smaller section with nine squid dummies, six small and three large, to test weapon power. Three small dummies have Defense Up mains between one and three. The entrance to Ammo Knights itself is also visible from the Shooting Range; there's a door with two flickering signs above and beside it, along with boxes and what appears to be an early version of a Splat Charger.


  • "Ammo Knights" is a play on the word "Ammonites," which is an extinct type of marine cephalopod.
    • The shop may also have gotten its name from Sheldon's grandpappy's name: Ammoses Shellendorf, Ammo being a shortened version of Ammoses.
  • The shop's Japanese name, "Kambri Arms", is a play on the word "Cambrian". Its icon can be interpreted as a trilobite, an extinct group of arthropods related to horseshoe crabs, which were most successful durring the Cambrian period.
  • While in the Testing Area, if a Splat Bomb is thrown through the basketball hoop, your Inkling will react everytime a shot is made.


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