Battle Dojo
Battle Dojo
Type Local multiplayer
Players 2
Ranked No
Weapons All
Controllers Gamepad and Wii U Pro Controller/Classic Controller/Classic Controller Pro

Battle Dojo (Japanese: バトルドージョー Batoru Dojo) is a 1v1 local multiplayer mode in Splatoon.


Battle Dojo was announced on April 1, 2015 during a Nintendo Direct.


Battle Dojo is playable by two people on the same console, one using the Gamepad and its screen and one using the Wii U Pro Controller, Classic Controller, or Classic Controller Pro and the TV screen. After a recurring 10-second countdown period, a large column of light appears. Players must travel to this location and shoot the seven balloons that appear. Each balloon is worth one point, and the first player to 30 points or the player with the most points after three minutes wins the round. If a player is splatted, then they lose half of their points. Balloons are worth two points in the last minute. Canned specials make an appearance here and will either give you a status effect, sub weapon or special weapon. The Dojo is located next to the Squid Sisters studio.


Only 5 stages are playable in Battle Dojo. Currently Including: 


  • As stated by the Squid Research Lab , the player using the TV can add motion control by attaching a Wii Motion Plus Controller to a Wii U Pro Controller. Once selecting controllers, the player must press ZL and ZR to activate the Pro Controller and then press 2 on the Wii Remote Plus on the weapon select screen. 
  • To activate motion controls for the Wii Classic Controller, the player must press ZL, ZR, B and the Down Buttons when selecting a controller.