The Bomb Rush is a Special Weapon in Splatoon and Splatoon 2.


The Bomb Rush lets the player unleash a barrage of any bomb type that is currently their Sub Weapon, which includes Burst Bombs, Splat Bombs, Suction Bombs, and Seekers in about 6 seconds. The bombs can be thrown rapidly by pressing the R button. This special can be found rarely as a canned special in Hero Mode.


Just like all special weapons, it must be charged before use, accomplished by spreading ink. Once charged, the player can press the right analog stick and activate it. Upon doing so, the player can throw as many bombs as they like for as long as the special meter lasts. A message is sent to teammates showing them an image of the player and the special that they triggered, in this case the Bomb Rush. If used correctly, this can really pressure opponents, as well as claim lots of turf.


Main Sub Special
Splattershot Burst Bomb Bomb Rush
Hero Shot Replica Burst Bomb Bomb Rush
Splat Charger Splat Bomb Bomb Rush
Hero Charger Replica Splat Bomb Bomb Rush
Splatterscope Splat Bomb Bomb Rush
Rapid Blaster Deco Suction Bomb Bomb Rush
Splash-o-matic Suction Bomb Bomb Rush
Carbon Roller Deco Seeker Bomb Rush
Luna Blaster Neo Splat Bomb Bomb Rush
Sloshing Machine Splat Bomb

Bomb Rush


  • The Bomb Rush does not use up ink, so don't be afraid to throw as many as possible!
  • Bomb Rushing is great if you are surrounded by enemy ink.
  • If you can get to high and secluded ground and activate the Bomb Rush, that will add to the efficiency, as it is much harder to get shot from places like those. Once you're on high and secluded ground try to:
    • Bomb hordes of opponents
    • Bomb main routes
  • Don't activate a Bomb Rush when you are very much within your team's turf/colour. That will render it useless since by the time you run near enemy turf you won't have much time to throw bombs.
  • Also, keep in mind that once you've activated it, you can't deactivate it until the special weapon timer runs out. If your opponents are very close and you are exposed, you will most likely be shot before any of your bombs can explode or even before you throw any!
  • Becuase of their high blast radius, Suction Bombs are the most effective with this special.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ボムラッシュ
Bomu Rasshu
Bomb Rush
French (NA) Bombardement Bombardment

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