"Bomb Rush Blush" (トキメキ☆ボムラッシュ Tokimeki ☆ Bomu Rush?, lit. Bomb Rush of Excitement) is a song in Splatoon and Splatoon 2, sung by Callie as her team's theme song in the final Splatfest.

It is also Callie's theme song in the final fight against DJ Octavio in Splatoon 2's Hero Mode.


Bomb Rush Blush is a fast-paced and exuberant pop song, mirroring Callie's energetic and playful personality. It can be assumed through the title and in-game dialogue that the song's lyrics are about Callie using a Bomb Rush, although the actual lyrics are nonsensical. The song was first revealed on 2016-04-29 during the second live Squid Sisters performance at Cho-Ongakusai 2016, alongside Marie's solo song, Tide Goes Out. The following day, it was revealed that the new songs would be unlockable with the newly-revealed Callie and Marie amiibo figures, which were released on 2016-07-08. Scanning them allows the player to watch performances of Squid Sisters songs as if they were in a Splatfest, and Bomb Rush Blush is exclusive to the Callie amiibo. During the performance, Marie simply sits down, while Callie performs her song solo.

In Splatoon 2, Bomb Rush Blush can be unlocked to listen in Squid Beatz 2 from the Callie amiibo. The original song however cannot be heard anywhere else in the base game.


The lyrics to "Bomb Rush Blush " were revealed in Splatune as Japanese hiragana. These only give the pronunciation for the Inkling language lyrics, and are gibberish in Japanese. A transliteration is also provided below.


めげぱらぴ げら うぇりうぇりうぇりうぇり ぼら
めげぱらちょ げら めりめりめりめり にゅ

ちょれ ちょれっきらぱけらてぃ でりっちょんにゅるめる
りっきょらっきょれ うぃりうぃりにゅ
にゅる め め めれめれにゅ

でっきゃんしー でら りっちぇれ ちぇりら
ぼれぼれぼれ うぇけらぽに
ちょらぺ ちょらぺなぺ ゆっちょもらびにゅ

でっきゃんしー でれ りっちぇれ ちぇりら
げれげれげれげれ めらにゅる
ちょらぺ ちょらぺ よりっちぇ にゅるめり

Megeparapi gera weriweriweriweri bora
Megeparacho gera merimerimerimeri nyu

Chore chorekkira pakerati deritchon nyurumeru
Rikkyorakkyore wiriwiri nyu
Nyuru me me meremerenyu

Dekkyanshi dera ritchere cherira
Boreborebore we keraponi
Chorape chorapenape yutcho morabinyu

Dekkyanshi dere ritchere cherira
Geregeregere meranyuru
Chorape chorape yoritche nyurumeri


Inkling / Octarian Lyrics

Blushing faces covered in pink!♪
♪Rushing bombs, exploding ink!♪*
トドケ トキメキ♪トドロケ、ボムラッシュ☆*
♪Faces blush, a rush of ink!♪
♪Bombs explode, no time to think!♪*

Remixes and covers

Bomb Rush Blush (DJ Octavio)

A new version of the song was composed for use in Splatoon 2, where it is credited as a DJ Octavio song, with Callie as a featured artist. Production-wise, it is almost completely different, functioning more as an original song with samples from Bomb Rush Blush. It starts off with a modified intro before transitioning to a brand-new electronic dubstep composition. It also interpolates the melody from the Onward! jingle heard after beating a mission, which was also interpolated in I am Octavio. Near the middle of the song, scratched records can be heard, to represent the sound of Octavio's wasabi stalks scratching against the vinyl records.

During Splatoon 2's final battle (in which the subtitle of the mission is named after the song), Agent 4 arrives to meet a brainwashed Callie, who is revealed to be working with DJ Octavio, who brags about how he "remixed" Callie's brain, and in addition, her song. Together, they perform the song as they battle Agent 4, with Callie using Bomb Rush Specials with oversized gold Splat Bombs to coincide with the song. The song plays during the first two phases before it changes to Tidal Rush for phase three.

Tidal Rush

The song Tidal Rush by DJ Octavio, featuring Callie vs. Marie, is an extensive remix of both Octavio's Bomb Rush Blush remix and Marie's Tide Goes Out.

Bomb Rush Blush (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, a new remix of Bomb Rush Blush was made. It has an electronic style, not too dissimilar from the DJ Octavio remix. It was arranged by Tomoya Ohtani of Sega and utilises the Amen break, a heavily sampled drum track that is frequently used in Sonic soundtracks.

Samples and interpolations

Bomb Launcher Jingle

In Splatoon 2, although the song is presumably about the Bomb Rush which was removed in the game, a jingle playing the melody of Bomb Rush Blush can be heard whilst using the Bomb Launcher. However, it is only noticeable in Recon mode due to all the interfering noises in multiplayer battles.

Fresh Start

Main article: Fresh Start

There is a short motif of Callie singing Bomb Rush Blush in Fresh Start.

The Plan

The Plan samples the segue from the introduction to the main part of the DJ Octavio remix of Bomb Rush Blush. The same section is also sampled in Splattack! (Octo).

See also

  • Bomb Rush, the bombs that are the namesake of this song
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