The Bubbler (Japanese: バリア Baria / Barrier) is a Special Weapon in Splatoon. It is in a few sets including 

It is possible future weapons may get this special weapon.


For a short period of time, the Bubbler will rebound all attacks from opponents. If one player approaches another teammate with the Bubbler equipped, it will temporarily be spread to that player as well.


Like all special weapons, the Bubbler must be charged by before use, accomplished by spreading ink. Once charged, the player may click the right analog stick, activating it. When activated, a message with the player's image and the special used (in this case, the Bubbler) is displayed for teammates to see.


Main Sub Special
Splattershot Jr. Splat Bomb Bubbler
Custom Blaster Point Sensor Bubbler
Rapid Blaster Ink Mine Bubbler
Classic Squiffer Point Sensor Bubbler
Inkbrush Nouveau Ink Mine Bubbler
Tri-Slosher Disruptor Bubbler
Zink Mini Splatling Disruptor ​Bubbler
Custom Hydra Splatling Sprinkler Bubbler


  • The Bubbler is effective when you're in trouble. Activate it when you and your team are about to be splatted.
  • Don't be afraid to use up Bubbler when your allies are being attacked. It could really help them out and save them from being splatted.
  • Never activate your Bubbler too late because some teammates might have been splatted already.
  • This Special could be very useful in tower control as many enemy inklings will try to shoot you and your teammates while you are on the tower.
  • Using Bubbler will automaticall refill your ink gauge


  • When it is activated, hide in a corner in Squid Form so when the shield expires, you can ambush them for free splats.
  • Use Splash Wall when it is activated, it will be useful beacuse the bubbler user will bounce back a lot, aiding an escape and later attacking.
  • Since being hit while using bubbler will knock the user back, use a longer ranged weapon (such as the Dual or Jet Squelcher) to knock an opponent away or even off-stage


  • Lasts 5 seconds without gear upgrades.
  • Bubble is coloured in your team colour
  • Must be at least a few metres towards the bubbler to gain the effects.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バリア Barrier
French (NA) Bouclier Shield

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