The Carbon Roller is a Main Roller weapon in Splatoon and Splatoon 2.


The Carbon Roller is a variant of Splat Roller. It has significantly greater speed than any of the other rollers currently available, but lacks in power. This weapon requires you to hit an enemy inkling twice before splatting them, rather than once like the other roller weapons. When you fling ink onto vertical surfaces, the weapon only covers a small portion of the wall.

Weapon Quote

"The Carbon Roller is a lightweight roller built with low-density parts for increased handling! You can't fling a whole lot of ink with this one, so use an Autobomb to check if the area's safe before you ink ahead! A well-placed Ink Storm over an enemy's hiding place will send them running. Little do they know that you're waiting to splat them!"


Rollers, while not extremely effective at skirmishes, make up for it with incredible support. They are the best weapon for trying to sneak through enemy lines to get back turf that's missing, and help keep the player's team's turf maximized.

The Carbon Roller is faster than the standard Splat Roller, making it great for covering even more ground with a roller than ever before. Thanks to the increased speed, it even makes Chargers have a much more difficult time pinning down a shot against them. You'll still want to focus more on covering ground instead of skirmishing, but you'll have an easier time dodging shots, which is a huge bonus. If you do get caught in close combat, though, your best option is to fling ink; if you manage to get a good hit, it should take out your opponent. It's easiest to take your opponent out when they don't notice you coming, so if they see you, it's best to run away instead of trying to engage. The Autobomb sub is useful for taking out an enemy player when you are overcrowded, or just to flood a patch of enemy ink with your own. Finally, the set also comes with the Ink Storm to launch at enemy territory, or take back your own.  

Tips for facing each weapon type

  • Shooter-type weapons will be difficult, because you have less range than before, and it takes more than one "bump" into an opponent to actually take them out. You can actually take enemies out with an ink fling fairly easily now though. However, if you don't feel comfortable with facing an enemy, or aren't close enough, you do boast increased movement speed while rolling, thanks to the light weight of carbon. Definitely use this to your advantage. If you're still uncertain, throw a Burst Bomb or two to deter them from chasing. The Inkzooka can also be used to face longer ranged opponents here, if it's available.
  • Roller-type weapons actually have a slight advantage over you. In a head to head, their roller out rolls yours - it doesn't actually take an enemy out immediately when you roll over them. Your best option here is to run away, because they'll never catch you. Burst Bomb has better range than ink fling, or if you're confident enough, ink fling can definitely take an enemy out in one good hit.
  • Charger-type weapons will be slightly easier to deal with now, if only because you're a tad harder to hit. Still, the best choice is to stay out of their sights until the Inkzooka is up and ready to take them down. If it comes down to it, a zig-zag pattern up toward a Charger player can throw them off, where it only takes a single solid ink fling to send them to their spawn.

Carbon Roller Inking Saltspray Rig

Beneficial Abilities

Bomb Sniffer is possibly a staple for all Roller weapons, since Ink Mines are much less of a problem with this. Opening Gambit can give you a nice movement boost early to get the advantage for your team. Because you'll be more reliant on the ink fling than rolling over people, a couple Damage Up boosts could make the difference in picking up the kill or just barely leaving them alive, if you misjudge the aim a bit. Comeback can also be used effectively, since it gives so many helpful stats for a short time.


Names in other languages

Language Name Notes
Japanese カーボンローラー Carbon Roller
French (NA) Rouleau carbone Carbon roller
German Karbon Roller Carbon Roller

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