Within Splatoon and Splatoon 2 there are three main areas: Inkopolis where the Inklings live, and beyond Inkopolis are Octo Valley and Octo Canyon where the Octarians live.


Inkopolis Plaza - The center of Inkopolis

Booyah Base - A mall for Inklings to purchase different gear from four different shops.
Cooler Heads - A Headgear shop run by Annie
Jelly Fresh - A Clothing Shop run by Jelonzo
Shrimp Kicks - A Shoe Shop run by Crusty Sean
Ammo Knights - A Weapon Shop run by Sheldon
Inkopolis Tower - This is where you can begin online multiplayer battles
Battle Dojo - Located on a second story where two players can fight local battles one on one.
Squid Sisters' Studio - This is where Callie and Marie work, perform and announce news.

Inkopolis Square - The new center of Inkopolis

Inkopolis Galleria - A market for Inklings to purchase different gear.

Octo Valley

The old headquarters of the Octarians until DJ Octavio's defeat. Its various parts are connected by a series of kettles.

Octo Canyon

The current headquarters of the Octarians since Callie's disappearance. Like Octo Valley, its various parts are also connected by a series of kettles.

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