Chinooks are Salmonids spawned by the Mothership during the Mothership event.


Chinooks are almost identical in appearance to Chum. They wear propellor helmets, allowing them to fly. They carry white crates.


Chinooks do not attack, but it is possible and very rare to be splatted by one. They pick a random spot on the map to fly to. They carry large crates from the Mothership that resemble white styrofoam coolers, with a cyan glow under the lid, and do not follow the Mothership when it goes to the Egg Basket When the Chinook reaches its destination, after a slight delay, it drops its crate on the ground beneath it, then quickly flies away. The crate can be destroyed by shooting it or throwing a bomb at it. If left undamaged for a short time, it will begin to glow red, and Lesser Salmonids will begin to jump out of it.

The Chinook can be splatted by shooting either the crate or itself in midair or when it is dropping its crate. When splatted, it drops 1 Golden Egg. Because of this, it is debatable if they count as Boss Salmonids. Remember that once it drops its crate, it will promptly fly away, so a player must be quick to splat it before it escapes.


  • The Chinook's name is a reference to the species of salmon of the same name (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha), and to the Boeing CH-47 Chinook helicopter, a transport helicopter used to carry heavy loads.
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