The Chums are one of the types of Salmonids that are fought in Salmon Run. They are the most standard enemy in the game mode.


Chums are grey fish-like creatures that stand upright on their tails. The skin around their nose and chest are pink in colouration. They wear yellow material on their tail, most likely to help slide along the ground on land, that is held on with a strap that loops around onto the Chum's head, creating a gap in their orange Mohawks.


Chums attack by targeting a single player and sliding towards them, attempting to hit them with their frying pan at close range. They can deal a surprising amount of damage for a weak enemy, but they have relatively low health and can be splatted easily. They sometimes spawn in groups, and are often the most common enemy in waves.

They leave a trail of enemy ink when moving, which can be problematic for players that need to move around to escape danger.


  • One of the Sunken Scrolls reveals that the Lesser Salmonids take pride in their frying pan weaponry. They are often passed down from generation to generation and are kept in good condition.
  • Snatchers share the same design as Chums, besides the colouration of the Mohawk, which is purple on Snatchers.
  • Chum are named after fish waste used for bait, and the chum salmon (Oncorhynchus keta).


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