Clam Blitz
Type Online multiplayer
Players 8
Ranked Yes
Weapons All
Controllers Switch, Pro Controller
Clam blitz by alexbeeza dby506d-fullview

Clam Blitz is one of the Ranked Battle modes in Splatoon 2.

In this mode, players must collect clams, which are scattered around the map and throw them into opposing teams' basket. The baskets are protected by a barrier that can be broken by throwing a power clam at it. If a player collects 10 clams, the clams transform into a power clam that resembles an American football. Regular clams sink into ink if the player hides in ink, but power clams do not. If a player is splatted before they make a power clam, the clams they were carrying are scattered around (up to 4 clams at once) the area they were in when they were splatted. The clams dropped by a inkling will despawn if they are not picked back up.

Overtime will start when:

  • the losing team has a power clam on the field.
  • the winning team's basket is open.
  • when no team has scored for the entire match (when it is a tie at the last second the team that scored last will win). In this case the match will go into overtime and the first team that scores wins the match.

Overtime will end if:

  • the losing team's power clam despawns.
  • the losing team's basket is opened.
  • the losing team's manages to score enough points to win giving the losing team the win.


  • Power clams will attract attention to anybody holding them, as they remain visible even when the player is hiding in ink. Stay far from the action if you have a power clam, unless you are planning to attack.
  • Each map has a different location for the basket and thus will have different routes the opponents can take to approach. Note these routes and guard them accordingly, judging based on the icon of the power clam.
  • The Splashdown and Baller specials will cause the user to drop all his or her clams. While using these two specials is a good way to approach the enemy team's basket (in the case of Splashdown, through a Super Jump), remember to pick up your clams after using it.
  • Clams can be evenly spread out through the team, and can be combined into a power clam when the time is right to quickly break the opponents' barrier. Knowing when you can pass clams to your teammates to form a power clam is key.
  • When an opposing power clam is dropped, stay at the location of the power clam. Similarly to how a Suction Bomb can catch a Super Jump landing, using bombs to keep opponents away from the power clam can be a good way to make sure it despawns.
  • On certain maps (for instance, Kelp Dome), passing power clams from teammate to teammate can be very helpful in confusing the enemy, as the rapid changes in the location of the power clam can make it hard to splat its holder.
  • Unlike holding the Rainmaker, holding a power clam does not disable sub weapons, specials and Super Jumping. Use this to your advantage. Certain specials, like the Splashdown, Baller and most notably Bubble Blower, can be very effective in allowing the player to approach.


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