The Classic Squiffer is a Main Charger weapon in Splatoon.


It is in a set with the Point Sensor and Bubbler/Ink Armor. It is a type of Charger weapon. It charges faster than a Splat Charger but has less range and slightly less attack power.

Weapon Quote

"A Charger equipped with a miniaturized ink compression tank. The charge time is short, but it still packs a serious punch. The range leaves a little to be desired."


Charger-type weapons generally aren't used to cover as much turf as the Shooter or Roller weapon types. Instead, they provide cover and/or pressure to high traffic areas of the map, as well as key choke points, allowing the rest of the team to move more freely.

The Classic Squiffer set is played as a very aggressive Charger. While the other Charger weapons will be about finding great vantage points, the Squiffer doesn't have the range to do that. This makes it favor less open maps, like Port Mackerel. Fortunately, it gains a significantly lowered charging time to make up for the lower range, and lets it be more effective at skirmishing, but you'll still want to hold the same choke points as the other Charger weapons. The Point Sensor is fantastic for this, so you can be certain of where enemies may be hiding at all times, and helps you to keep your sights where an enemy will appear. Finally, thanks to the Bubbler, it can easily let you fend off surprise attacks from Shooters, win duels, etc. The Ninja Swim ability is very strong for the Squiffers, since you'll be hiding in your ink a lot because of your shorter range.

Tips for facing each weapon type

  • Shooter-type weapons will be what you're mainly fighting, more than likely, so this matchup is important. Throwing out a quick Echolocator sub can make the difference in this fight - if you have enough ink, hit your enemy with one. Remember, a single fully charged shot will take him out, and this weapon charges faster than the other Chargers, so it's generally best to hit them with a full charge. Some Shooters, like the Jet Squelcher, will outrange the Squiffer. These matchups are not favored, so try to ambush these players, or save your Bubbler for them.
  • Roller-type weapons are, as always, easy for Chargers to pick off. It's a bit more demanding here though, because you're not at a high spot and can be run over if you miss. The best thing to do against them is fire, and if you miss, swim back and charge another one. Rinse and repeat until you've successfully hit him.
  • Charger-type weapons will be your most difficult targets, since they outrange you. Fortunately, you charge quicker than them, so the best chance of a head-on attack is to swim up to them in a zig-zag pattern, until you're close enough to hit. If you don't have the turf covered for that, your best bet is to sneak into his blind spot and pick him off.

Helpful abilities for this weapon

Ninja Squid is extremely useful for this weapon because you'll be involved in equal level skirmishes, unlike the other Charger weapons, and staying hidden can easily save your skin in this case. Ink Resistance Up is also helpful for the same reasons, in case you need a quick getaway. The argument can also be made for Bomb Sniffer, since you're more likely to run into traps, but because of the way your shots cover ground it's not always going to be as helpful. Special Saver, Special Charge Up, and Special Duration Up are all fantastic for this set as well, and Tenacity can expand further for the same purpose, making your special a relatively quick wait time.


  • The Squiffers' Japanese name Squiclean is based on Squid and Magiclean, a cleaner brand.

Names in other languages

Language Name Notes
Japanese スクイックリンα Squiclean α
French (NA) Lignizateur alpha
German Sepiator α




The Squiffer in action

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