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Cohocks are Salmonids which appear in Salmon Run. They are a bigger and stronger variant than the standard Chum.


They are somewhat similar to Chum, but much slower and has significantly more health. Like other Salmonids, it holds a frying pan (which splats in a single hit), green "pants" with suspenders dividing its top orange fin, grey scales with white bellies, and bulging yellow eyes. Since they move slow, it is rare to find them near the egg basket, so they'll most likely be encountered near the shore.


The text here is quoted from the Salmonoid Field Guide.

Basic Information

  • They tend to appear in groups rather than alone.
  • Defeating them will earn you Power Eggs.

Attack Behavior

  • They use their sense of smell to locate and close in on targets who have entered their territory.
  • Once they close in on a target, they perform close-range attacks using frying pans or other cookware.


  • Can be neutralised relatively easily with a direct hit of ink.

Supporting Information

  • They inhabit a restricted ocean zone, and any unauthorised contact with them is expressly forbidden by law.
  • The larger Cohock moves slowly but packs a real punch with direct, strong attacks.
  • On their own, they don't pose a significant threat, but ignore them and you may quickly find yourself surrounded.


  • "Cohock" can be a play on the word "cohort", which is a word for a companion, and the coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch).
  • These guys have their own mode in Salmon Run, which is called Cohock Charge.