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Let's finish This! Enter the Octobot King
— Splatoon's Subtitle

DJ Octavio feat. Callie...Octobot King II
— Splatoon 2's Subtitle

"Don't furget about us!"

One has tasted bitter defeat in battle. The other is literally a copycat. These two may be nothing alike, but their desire to step out of the shadows and into the light burns with all the chaos of a firestorm.

— DJ Octavio & Li'l Judd reason for joining Team Chaos.

DJ Octavio (DJタコワサ将軍 DJ Takowasa Shogun / General DJ-Takowasa?) is the main antagonist and final boss of Splatoon and Splatoon 2's Hero Mode. He is the leader and king of the Octarians.



DJ Octavio has the appearance of an octopus with a golden samurai-like helmet, green eyes, and a glowing green scar on one of his tentacles. Two of his tentacles are always crossed, one of them being the one with the scar. His robot has the appearance of a large, floating DJ stage with a turntable. It has four cannons on the front, two large mechanical fists that can be shot out on cords, four green propellants, wasabi plants, and lights inside.


First Phase

First, DJ Octavio will send out two Octorpedoes at a time which can easily be avoided by hiding in your ink. Eventually one of the fists from the machine will be fired at you. If you carefully watch DJ Octavio's hands, you can see which giant metal hand is going to punch you next as they will rumble. As soon as it fires and is in range, shoot ink at it until it reverses into DJ Octavio. Strike him three times and he reveals a large octopus-shaped missile. Fire at this and he will punch it back at you. Repeat this two more times and a Launchpad will appear to take you to the next phase. The bomb will gradually get faster each time, especially in the later phases.

Second Phase

DJ Octavio will now throw both fists at once, as well as shooting the Octarian version of the Killer Wail every so often. Boxes containing Armor appear on various platforms. The Sunken Scroll for the boss is in a small box of the third platform. In order to get close enough to DJ Octavio to fight him, you must use the Propeller Lifts to get to other platforms. While it is possible to get very close to the machine, it's not recommended to do so since all attacks will be harder to defend against and his barrier will stop you. Shoot his fists back at him six times and he will release the missile. Once you send the missile into his machine three times, another Launchpad will appear.

Third Phase

Along with the increased amount of Octorpedoes being shot at a time, bombs resembling disco balls will also be thrown and will spawn Octocopters and Octobombers if they manage to hit the platform. Some platforms are invisible and require you to shoot your ink to proceed. To reach higher platforms, you must use Gushers. Continue to repeat the main strategy in the previous phases.

Fourth Phase

The enemy bombs will now only spawn Octoballs and four Octorpedoes will be shot at a time. DJ Octavio will shoot lasers every few seconds. Platforms are now noticeably narrower and therefore harder to avoid DJ Octavio's many attacks. There are common Balloon Fish to spread ink all over the platforms and hide from attacks. Continue to repeat the main strategy in the previous phases.

Fifth Phase

After the Squid Sisters override the boss music and Cap'n Cuttlefish sets himself free, DJ Octavio becomes extremely aggressive. Only one enemy-spawning bomb is fired at a time, spawning a Twintacle Octotrooper, and large amounts of Octorpedoes are fired over time. There are Inkrails connecting each platform. The final missile requires quick movement as it is at its quickest speed. Once you reverse the missile three times, DJ Octavio will eject from the machine. Shooting your ink at him will thrust him back at his machine, ending the battle.


During the boss fight with DJ Octavio, he will try and splat you or crush you with the many weapons equipped to the Octobot. The boss stage and boss itself uses everything you have learnt in Hero Mode. There are five stages to his boss battle, throwing steadily more frantic and diverse attacks at you, while you platform across steadily more treacherous terrain.

  • Octotorpedoes - Missles with faces resembling Octopods, a kamikaze robot seen elsewhere in hero mode. Similarly to those troops, these projectiles explode into a small pool of ink; however, they do so on contact with the player or the ground, not with simple proximity. They can be dodged or shot down in mid-flight. Octotorpedoes appear in all stages of the fight, but are fired more frequently and in larger volleys in later stages.
  • Rocket Fists- Giant metal fists attached to the sides of the Octobot by cords.  DJ Octavio will fire these at the player in an attempt to crush him or her. These fists usually will be fired by Octavio after he fires a few Octotorpedos. The player can return the attack to its sender by shooting it with ink, causing the Octobot to be pushed back. This allows the player to advace farther in each stage, as the Octobot's force field would otherwise block the next platforming segment. DJ Octavio fires the rocket fists one at a time in the first stage of the fight, but fires both in quick succession for all subsequent stages of the fight.
  • Octarian Spawn Pods - Dodecahedral containers lobbed at the player from the same ports as the octotorpedoes starting in stage 3. These can be shot down in mid-flight, but if allowed to reach the stage, release an Octarian unit. In stage 3, two are fired simultaneously, one releasing an Octocopter and the other an Octobomber. In stage 4, these are replaced by two Octoballs.  Finally, in stage 5, the pods spawn two of the dual-tentacled rapid-fire Octotroopers.
  • The Octolaser- A military-grade Octarian equivalent to the Killer Wail . It operates exactly like its turf war counterpart (though presumably with more lethal force), and must be dodged to avoid being splatted. This weapon is introduced in stage two of the fight, and is used more frequently the later the stage. This attack can be devistating & troublesome when you are dealing with the 5th wave of Octomissiles.
  • Octomissiles- A large, glowing bomb fired from the main cannon hidden behind Octavio's backdrop, and the only weapon powerful enough to do real, permanent damage to the Octobot. The Bomb flies at the location where the player was when fired, but does not seek them.  Shooting the bomb with enough ink can return it to sender, as with the rocket fists, but unlike those, the DJ can deflect it too, and will punch it back at the player for two additional volleys (thus the "Tennis" in the fan name). If the player successfully returns it all three times, Octavio will be unable to block it and the stage will end. The bomb moves faster with each back-and-forth, and does so by a greater amout in later stages: it always starts at the same speed (slower than any other DJ Octavio projectile), but in stage 1 the third shot is about the same speed, where by stage 5 the third shot flies noticably faster than any other of the DJ's attacks. For the first and second stages, the bomb always flies in an overhead arc, but from stage 3 on, the DJ can randomly select to hook it at the player from the right or left as well.

While each stage gets steadily more difficult, the basic pattern for defeating it remains the same. First, the player must alternate between returning rocket fists to sender and platforming farther into the stage until the DJ is forced behind final platform of the segment. Then he will begin to fire Tennis Bombs. To defeat the stage, the player must return the bomb to sender three times in succession.  

Splatoon's Boss demonstration

The Octobot King's Boss Gameplay

The Octobot King's Boss Gameplay

Regional Differences

Splatoon is regionalised depending on if you are in the EU (Europe), NA (North America) or JP (Japan). DJ Octavio's dialogue throughout the battle differs in these versions. In the JP and EU versions of the boss fight, the dialogue is more straightforward, whereas the NA version contains a number of puns and music-related insults, making the NA version's dialogue seem quirky and less serious.


  • NA: "I'ma remix your face!"
  • NA: "I'ma dubstomp you into oblivion!"
  • EU: "I will take back what is mine!"

Sunken Scrolls

Splat secret scroll

Splatoon Sunken Scroll 16

  • It is thought that a younger DJ Octavio is featured in Sunken Scroll #16, beside who is possibly a young Cap'n Cuttlefish. If this is the case, he may be the only male Octarian seen with the ability to assume humanoid form. The fact that he is also carrying a wasabi plant with him supports this, as well.
    Splatoon2 Scroll 24

    Splatoon 2 Sunken Scroll 24

  • He is also shown in Splatoon 2's 24th Scroll, which features his tentacle getting severed to create The Mighty Octostomp.

    Close-up of Octavio.


During an interview. Toru Minegishi (who worked on the game’s sound) revealed that the techno-like music in Octo Valley was actually composed by DJ Octavio and his direct subordinates. Also, it is as if like they broadcast their music in order to control the many Octarians.[1]

Splatoon 2

DJ Octavio returns as the final boss of Splatoon 2's Hero Mode, having kidnapped and brainwashed Callie to serve his own goals.


DJ Octavio and the Octobot King II look similar to the final boss from Splatoon. The only exceptions are that a lot of areas on the weapon have gone from a silver color to gold and there is an extra platform on top of the weapon (live DJ Octavio's platform) where Callie stands.

DJ Octavio still has stalks of wasabi next to his turntable, he is also cooking takoyaki in front of his turntable that are used in later attacks. DJ Octavio now wears shutter shades and a kabuto helmet with spikes on it.

Callie wears a short black tank top with black shorts and purple leggings, she has gold octopus earrings, an octopus tentacle where her old head piece sat and hypnoshades that keep her under DJ Octavio's control. She also has a pink octopus tattoo on the side of her stomach, as well as black gloves. Her headpiece looks like an octopus tentacle.


First Phase

DJ Octavio sends golden, flying fists at the player that must be shot to be sent back and cause damage to DJ Octavio. The hands rumble and glow pink just before they are shot to give the player a hint at when they're going to be launched and turn green when shot with enough of Agent 4's ink. After four fists are shot back, Octavio will send out a spinning punch that cannot be hit by the player, the only option being to avoid it.

After shooting the fists back at the Octobot King four times, Octavio will sometimes launch a bomb rush that sends out four large Splat Bombs, the first time being when Callie sings a verse from her song Bomb Rush Blush. These are larger than usual but still work like ordinary splat bombs and should just be avoided.

DJ Octavio sometimes launches two fists at a time, the best choice is to focus on one, and if shot back successfully, the player should try ink the other because their ink stays on the fists even when they retract. After successfully shooting back four more fists, Octavio will fall off the Octobot King II and the player can shoot him until he's sent flying back into the Octobot King II.

Second Phase

The second phase begins with the Octo Weapon raising higher, the attacks such as the flying fists, are the same in this phase. During this phase, Octavio can sometimes send some of the takoyaki he's cooking with Octarian tentacles raining down that can be shot down in the air or when they fall on the ground. Octavio can be heard muttering as he scatters a salvo of them.

If a ball isn't shot after a short period of time, it creates a tornado of purple ink that will harm the player if touched. It's best to shoot as many balls as possible in this short time space because if not, they can reduce movement whilst dodging other attacks.

In this phase, Octavio can fire two spinning fists at a time and begins uses a bomb rush of large gold Suction Bombs. Just like before, the bombs are bigger than usual, but still work the same as the original bombs.

Another new attack in this phase is when the weapon dashes across the arena with an ink shower pouring from the ports where the Octobot King II launches the Splat and Suction Bombs (just like the Octo Shower) and will splat the player if caught under it. After shooting back eight fists, Octavio will fall off the Octobot King II again and the player can shoot him to finish Phase 2.

Third Phase

A short cutscene takes place before this phase as Marie and Sheldon arrive at the arena and Marie uses her Hero Charger to knock Octavio's hypnoshades off Callie, leaving her dazed, but still able to dance as Octavio steps up his attacks.

In the third phase, DJ Octavio is much faster and often dashes to the side before sending a fist towards the player. Aside from this, all his attacks are the same as the last phase, except he will throw both Splat Bombs and Suction Bombs after taking damage from his fists.

Fourth Phase

Before the phase begins, Marie is able to fully break Octavio's brainwashing over Callie with reminding her of Calamari Inkantation, allowing Callie to leap from the Octobot King II to Sheldon's truck, changing back into her Squid Sisters outfit and joining her cousin as they perform their song once more, now with a spicy flavor to it.

In the last phase the player is given a modified Rainmaker by Sheldon, they then Super Jump to Ride Rails above the arena to follow DJ Octavio in his Octo Weapon when he tries to make an escape upon realizing the player is packing a Rainmaker. Whilst grinding, the player must shoot the normal flying fists with the Rainmaker and avoid the spinning fists by jumping. Octavio can be seen once more being unable to resist the urge to dance to Callie and Marie's song, condemning them for once again overcoming his music with theirs.

After eight fists are shot back, the Octobot King II will be unable to remain airborne any longer, conk out, and crash back onto the stage below. DJ Octavio will fall and the player must move to a new Ride Rail at the center to finish him off. At the end of the rail the player must jump and land on Octavio with the Rainmaker to finish the final boss, just like in Multiplayer Rainmaker.

Splatoon 2's Boss demonstration

DJ Octavio feat

DJ Octavio feat. Callie's Boss Demonstration

Music (Splatoon 2)

Name Artist Length Music Track
"Low Tide" Marie 1:39
Octo Canyon Low Tide
"Bomb Rush Blush Remix" DJ Octavio featuring Callie 3:59
Octo Canyon Bomb Rush Blush Remix
"Tide Rush" DJ Octavio featuring Callie vs Marie 3:43
Octo Canyon Tidal Rush
"Spicy Calamari Inkantation" Squid Sisters 4:02
Octo Canyon Spicy Calamari Inkantation


  • Upon returning to this level after beating DJ Octavio for the first time, the initial dialogue will not be repeated. Instead, new dialogue will be used, mainly to re-establish the cutscenes as taking place after the game has in fact been beaten. The player is told that Octavio escaped his snowglobe, and recaptured Cap'n Cuttlefish while he was out eating crabby cakes.
  • In non-rhotic dialects, the first two syllables of "Octavio" may sound similar to the word "Octave".
  • The Octobot's Tennis Bombs have small, pink shutter shades just above the front opening.
  • DJ Octavio's Japanese name is "DJ Takowasa Shogun" (DJタコワサ将軍). "Takowasa" is a cocktail snack that consists of wasabi-seasoned octopus bits.
    • A "shogun" (将軍) was a high-ranking military ruler who governed Japan on the Emperor's behalf during medieval and early modern times. Examples of the shoguns of Japan were Minamoto no YoritomoAshikaga Takauji, and the shoguns of the Tokugawa Shogunate.
    • He is never seen without his wasabi plants, even when captured in the snowglobe after his defeat.
  • When you splatter DJ Octavio's snow globe, he will dance.
  • His most notable line is: "You slimy little Hipster!"
  • Similarly to the prequel's Hero Mode, when rechallenging DJ Octavio, different dialogue for Callie and Marie will appear.
  • The ending 'Game' banner across the screen is different to all the boss endings, as it is the same as when you win a match of Rainmaker in ranked battle.
    • However, instead of displaying 'Game' on the banners, it displays 'Victory'.
  • The Charger Marie uses to shoot off Callie's shades is the Hero Charger, which could've been the weapon she used as Agent 2.
  • The floor for DJ Octavio's boss fight in Splatoon 2 resembles that of Inkopolis Plaza.
  • His wasabi sticks are seen in the secret boss stage in Octo Expansion.



Splatoon 2


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