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Let's Finish This! Enter the Octobot King
— Subtitle in the original final boss of Splatoon

DJ Octavio feat. Callie...Octobot King II
— Subtitle in Splatoon 2

"Don't forget about us!" One has tasted bitter defeat in battle. The other is literally a copycat. These two may be nothing alike, but their desire to step out of the shadows and into the light burns with all the chaos of a firestorm.
— DJ Octavio & Li'l Judd reason for joining Team Chaos.

DJ Octavio (DJタコワサ将軍 DJ Takowasa shōgun?, lit. General DJ Takowasa) is the leader of the Octarians, the main antagonist, and final boss of both Splatoon and Splatoon 2's single-player modes. In the latter, he appears alongside Callie in the final boss, whom he has brainwashed, and is trapped in a snow globe-like tank near Craig Cuttlefish or Marie after being defeated for the first time.


Octo Form

Unlike most Octarians, which appear to be severed tentacles of octopuses, DJ Octavio is an octopus in his entirety. He is a dull red-violet with darker areas around his eyes and tentacles and appears to be perpetually angry. When he is angry, his eyes slant down even more, resembling furious eyes. He wears a large gold helmet in the style of kabuto with an octopus-shaped emblem on the front, and one of the two tentacles that are always crossed in front of him bears a large, green, X-shaped scar identical to the ones seen on other bosses. It is unknown how he and the bosses get their scars, but it is likely DJ Octavio got his during the great Turf War.

In Splatoon 2, Octavio's appearance has also changed: his kabuto helmet is black with golden accents and he wears a pair of shutter shades.

In Splatoon 3, He seems to be wearing a hard hat with a camera attached to it, as well as safety goggles. He still wields his signature wasabi.

Humanoid Form

His humanoid form, found in a Sunken Scroll, wears the kabuto hat alongside what appears to be casual sweatpants and a shirt with sleeves resembling those on kimonos. In the Great Turf War, he turned into his humanoid form for its majority, as a picture shared in Marina's chat room shows this. In this form his tentacles hung out the kabuto, resembling his cephalopod form's tentacles.


Before Splatoon

DJ Octavio has been the leader of the Octarians for an extremely long time, as far back as when they and the Inklings were allies. However, rapidly rising sea levels forced the two species to fight over land, and Octavio held his position as the leader of the Octarian army during the resulting Great Turf War. This even led him to battle his previous ally Cap'n Cuttlefish "during the bitter siege of Arowana Castle", which the Octarians lost.

Despite some early victories for the Octarians, a combination of good luck, superior tactics, and a higher number of limbs resulted in the Inklings being victorious, forcing Octavio and the rest of the Octarians underground into domes later called Octo Canyon and Octo Valley.


Main article: Octobot King

Around 100 years later, during the events of Splatoon, dwindling energy reserves underground led the Octarians, still led by Octavio, to steal the Great Zapfish and a series of regular Zapfish that the Inklings used for power. To counteract this before the problem got too severe, Cap'n Cuttlefish secretly recruited a young Inkling that he nicknamed Agent 3 to join his New Squidbeak Splatoon, intending to recover the Zapfish and defeat the Octarians again.

However, after Agent 3 defeated the Octowhirl, Octavio kidnapped Cuttlefish himself, forcing Cuttlefish's granddaughters, Agents 1 and 2, to guide Agent 3 to Octavio's base. Finally, in Enter the Octobot King!, the group was reunited as Octavio battled the New Squidbeak Splatoon. During the battle, the two agents revealed their true identities as the Squid Sisters and overrode Octavio's music, freeing Cuttlefish and spurring Agent 3 to finally defeat him, rescuing the Great Zapfish and saving Inkopolis in doing so.

After this fight, Octavio is kept imprisoned in a snow globe next to Cuttlefish in Octo Valley. If the final boss battle is repeated, it is explained that Octavio broke out while Cuttlefish was distracted by eating crabby cakes.

Splatoon 2

Main article: Octobot King II

Around nine months after the Callie vs. Marie Splatfest, Cuttlefish deserted his shack in Octo Valley, giving Octavio the chance to escape. Marie was the first person to notice, after Callie's disappearance, and shortly afterwards, Octavio stole the Great Zapfish a second time and fled to Octo Canyon. As a result, Marie stationed herself there and recruited a new young Inkling as Agent 4, and the two worked together to rescue Callie and the Great Zapfish.

Eventually, in Tide Goes Out, Octavio was discovered, having brainwashed Callie into working for him. In the ensuing battle, Agent 4 defended their attacks for long enough so Marie could shoot off Callie's hypnoshades, returning her to her normal self. With some help from Sheldon, the group eventually defeated Octavio a second time, imprisoning him in a new snow globe in Octo Canyon. If the battle is repeated, it is explained that Octavio was able to escape thanks to Callie wanting to try on the hypnoshades again.

Splatoon 3

This page involves something that has not occurred yet in-game. Information is subject to change, and may not be obtained from official sources.

In the Splatoon 3 trailer on 09-23-2021, DJ Octavio can be seen as part of the single-player in the artwork and in the Nintendo Direct flying in the air before falling off of a cliff in a mecha suit, presumably the Octobot King III.


During an interview. Toru Minegishi (the sound director of Splatoon) revealed that the techno-like music in Octo Valley was actually composed by DJ Octavio and his direct subordinates. Also, it is as if like they broadcast their music in order to control the many Octarians.[1]

Name Artist Length Music Track
I am Octavio DJ Octavio 2:15
I am Octavio (Missile) DJ Octavio 1:40
"Bomb Rush Blush Remix" DJ Octavio featuring Callie 3:59
“Tidal Rush” DJ Octavio featuring Callie vs Marie 3:43

Regional Differences

Splatoon is regionalized depending on if you are in the EU (Europe), NA (North America) or JP (Japan). DJ Octavio's dialogue throughout the battle differs in these versions. In the JP and EU versions of the boss fight, the dialogue is more straightforward, whereas the NA version contains a number of puns and music-related insults, making the NA version dialogue seem quirky and less serious.


  • NA: "I'ma remix your face!"
  • NA: "I'ma dubstomp you into oblivion!"
  • EU: "I will take back what is mine!"
  • EU: "Time...to...put an end...to you!"

Sunken Scrolls

Splatoon Sunken Scroll 16

  • It is thought that a younger DJ Octavio is featured in Sunken Scroll #16, beside a young Craig Cuttlefish. If this is the case, he may be only one of two male Octarians (the other being the Octo Samurai) seen with the ability to assume humanoid form. The fact that he is also carrying a wasabi plant with him supports this, as well.

    Splatoon 2 Sunken Scroll 24

  • He is also shown in Splatoon 2's 24th Scroll, which features his tentacle getting severed to create the Mighty Octostomp.


  • Upon returning to this level after beating DJ Octavio for the first time, the initial dialogue will not be repeated. Instead, new dialogue will be used, mainly to re-establish the cutscenes as taking place after the game has in fact been beaten. The player is told that Octavio escaped his snow globe, and recaptured Cap'n Cuttlefish while he was out eating crabby cakes or biscuits.
  • A poster seen in the Deepsea Metro has a picture of an octopus with Inkling text that resembles the word "octavi", possibly advertising a DJ Octavio album or concert.
  • The Octobot King's Tennis Bombs have small, pink shutter shades just above the front opening.
  • DJ Octavio's Japanese name is "DJ Takowasa Shogun" (DJタコワサ将軍). "Takowasa" is a cocktail snack that consists of wasabi-seasoned octopus bits.
    • A "shogun" was a high-ranking military ruler who governed Japan on the Emperor's behalf during medieval and early modern times. Examples of the shoguns of Japan were Minamoto no Yoritomo, Ashikaga Takauji, and the shoguns of the Tokugawa Shogunate.
    • He is never seen without his wasabi, even when captured in the snow globe after his defeat.
  • When you splatter DJ Octavio's snow globe, he will dance.
  • Similarly to the prequel's Hero Mode, when reentering DJ Octavio's battle, different dialogue from Callie and Marie will appear.
    • This is when Marie notices that their names form "calamari".
  • The ending 'Game' banner across the screen is different to all the boss endings, as it is the same as when you win a match of Rainmaker in ranked battle.
    • However, instead of displaying 'Game' on the banners, it displays 'Victory'.
  • The Charger Marie uses to shoot off Callie's shades is the Hero Charger, which could've been the weapon she used as Agent 2.
  • The floor for DJ Octavio's boss fight in Splatoon 2 resembles that of Inkopolis Plaza.
  • His wasabi sticks and DJ table are seen in the secret boss stage in Octo Expansion.
    • This seems to imply that the battle with Inner Agent 3 took place just after the events of Enter the Octobot King!.
    • The glasses that he wears in the second installment are very similar to the glasses on the rockets that he shoots at you in Splatoon.
    • Many imply he will not be Splatoon 3 villian in hero mode.



Splatoon 2

Splatoon 3

Language Name Meaning/Notes
Japanese (日本語) DJタコワサ将軍
DJ Takowasa shōgun
General DJ Takowasa (A Japanese dish: octopus marinated in wasabi)
Dutch (Nederlands) DJ Octavio DJ Octavio
French (français) DJ Octave From octo and octave
German (Deutsch) DJ Oktario From okto (octo)
Russian (русский) DJ Октавио
DJ Oktavio
Transcription of English name
European Spanish (castellano) DJ Octovius From octo and octava (octave)
European Spanish (castellano) DJ Octovius From octo and octava (octave)
Italian (Italiano) DJ Octavius From octo and ottave (octave)
Chinese (汉语/漢語) 章鱼芥末将军
DJ zhāngyú jièmò jiāngjūn
From Japanese name