The E-liter 3K is a Main Charger weapon in Splatoon.


The E-liter 3K is a type of Splat Charger. It has a long charge but has a very impressive range, and can instantly take someone out. 

Weapon Quote

'A charger with a high-capacity tank. By packing a lot of ink into each shot, it can strike from a great distance at the cost of long charge time and ferocious ink consumption.'


  • Speedy weapons such as Inkbrush can annoy an E-liter 3K user, as it takes a long time to charge.
  • Try to use a Ninja Squid ability and/or your Squid Form to sneak through and take out the Inkling if they are splatting your allies.
  • If an Inkling isn't focused on you, try to snipe them while they are prioritizing something else.


Charger-type weapons generally aren't used to cover as much turf as the Shooter or Roller weapon types. Instead, they provide cover and/or pressure to high traffic areas of the map, as well as key choke points, allowing the rest of the team to move more freely.

The E-liter 3k is the longest range weapon in the game, and as such can be used to deal with enemy Chargers much safer than the other Chargers. Vantage points will be easier for you to take over, and keeping them will be easier still, so long as you get proper help from your team. As usual, pick players off when possible. Burst Bombs can be used to more effectively take out enemies who get close, better than semi-auto fire can. Echolocator will be your best friend, as it lets you know when and where enemies approach.

An Inkling girl using an E-Liter 3K

Tips for facing each weapon type:

  • Shooter-type weapons are a bit more of a problem than before, because of the increased charge time. However, the E-Liter has the ability to splat an opponent at 75% charge, so if you miss your first shot, you don't have to fully charge if you feel like you can hit, and will outrange most Shooters. If someone gets close beyond that, swim away until you have the range advantage again. Burst Bombs can take out an opponent who gets close, but shouldn't be used except as a last resort (you have 4 on a full tank, so if you miss two you're out of luck).
  • Roller-type weapons are even easier to pick off than ever before with your ridiculous range. The Inkbrush is even harder to deal with, because of the slower charge time, but you'll still deal with the other Rollers relatively well. Should one get uncomfortably close, you can spam Burst Bomb if you don't have time to swim away.
  • Charger-type weapons, aside from enemy E-liter users, will be easier than typical thanks to your range (this is also the matchup you're hoping for, because there's little good reason to take this outside of facing enemy Chargers). Simply abuse your longer range and pick off enemy Chargers. Keep an eye out for enemies trying to get close enough to pick you off as well - you don't outrange other Chargers by much, so finding the sweet spot will come with practice.

Beneficial Abilities

Cold-Blooded is possibly the best ability for this weapon, since it's a weapon you'll want to be hiding with. Ink Recovery Up and Ink Saver (Main) are great for this weapon as well, considering how much ink it goes through. Special Duration Up and Special Charge Up are also great for this set, since it will be your most effective means of helping your whole team. Tenacity works in tandem with these, but it's better if your team is generally doing badly, so it's not something to rely on.


  • Its name is a reference to the Nintendo E3 Engine.
  • By the name and appearance, it also resembles a gas pump nozzle.
  • In Splatoon 2, instead of the E-liter 3k, the E-liter 4k takes it place. And from the looks of the stats, it's slightly more superior than the 3k.

Names in other languages

Language Name Notes
Japanese リッター 3K Liter 3K
English (UK) E-Litre 3K
French (NA) X-traceur
German E-Liter 3K
Italian Tinter 4K

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