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This page involves something that has not occurred yet in-game. Information is subject to change, and may not be obtained from official sources.

The Flipper-Flopper is a Boss Salmonid in Splatoon 3’s Salmon Run: The Next Wave. The enemy was introduced in the Nintendo Direct on February 9th, 2022.


The Flipper-Flopper is a Boss Salmonid that resembles a dolphin. It is wearing metal armor on its head, also seems to be a metal gas mask. But when fallen, its mask falls off, revealing its face.


The Flipper-Flopper leaps into the air when trying to splat Salmon Run workers, shoots a ring that's like a Splat Zone, which lands on the ground. It stays in the air for a few seconds, then dives down into the Splat Zone and splats anyone inside it.


When the Flipper-Flopper shoots the Splat Zone, the players job is to cover the Splat Zone with the players own ink, when the Flipper-Flopper lands then, it doesn't splat the player but falls onto the ground, giving the player the opportunity to splat it.