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Goldies are a type of boss Salmonid found in Splatoon 2's Salmon Run game mode.


Goldies are, as the name suggests, gold in colour. They also glow, most evident in night waves. They wear a cloth that crosses over one 'shoulder', resembling a toga. It's eyes glow brightly, and look a bit like flashlights. The pupil is nothing more than a dark line horizontally placed in the center of the eye. It has no visibly human like limbs and all limbs are fins. Its most prominent are the tail fin and 'hand' fins. Its legs appear to be very small and are hard to notice.


Goldies appear only in three special waves of Salmon Run. These include Rush, Goldie Seeking, and Fog. In both Rush and Goldie Seeking waves, Goldies are the only Boss Salmonids that appear. During Fog, however, is an exception, as all the other bosses also appear alongside it. Goldies behave similarly to Chums and other standard Salmonids, and will rush the player to smack them with their frying pan to splat them. When the player shoots at a Goldie, it will progressively lose scales as it loses health, allowing it to move faster and faster until it is defeated. In Rush and Fog, it will drop three golden eggs, just like other Boss Salmonids. In Goldie Seeking, however, there is only one Goldie per round, and it will drop many more eggs as the players keep shooting at it before being splatted or retreating back into hiding to recover, forcing the players to hunt it down again while evading the regular Salmonids that are summoned to protect the Goldie.

Tips and Strategies

  • Since Goldies can only deal damage by rushing you and attacking you directly, it is best to attack from a distance.
    • Faster shooting weapons like the Splattershot or the Heavy Splatling can be used to attack it head on, as it's low health should allow you to splat it before it reaches you if you see it coming
    • Chargers and Snipers are hard to use against it if it is charging you, but if they are charging another teammate, use the opportunity to shoot from a distance

Facts and Trivia

  • In Goldie Seeking, it may be known that as the players shoot Goldie, said Goldie shrinks.
    • This may add up with the fact that Goldie goes faster as it goes along.
    • They drop from 1-10 golden eggs, but on the goldie seek they drop when you attack them, and they die.