Grizzco Industries


Grizzco Industries is a Company featured in Splatoon 2. The head of the Company, Mr. Grizz, recruits Inklings, and Octolings if the Octo Expansion has been completed, to participate in Salmon Runs, which take place every 70 years. By collecting Golden Eggs in this mode, Inklings are granted rewards. They aren't always hiring, which means that the player must find the right time to do their job. You can check the Stages to see when Grizzco is hiring. The Grizzco office is located behind where Marie is seen to lead players to Octo Canyon to play the Hero Mode. Make sure to check back often to see if the office is open to take on Salmon Runs. Also, if Mr. Grizz is hiring, a paid advertisement for the Salmon Runs will be shown at the end of Off the Hook's broadcast along with the month's gear when the game starts up after they show the maps for all the game modes, or the maps if it is during a Splatfest.

All four players who participate in Salmon Runs use orange, pink, or purple-colored Ink and clothing.


  • The names "Grizzco" and "Mr. Grizz", and the shape of the Company's logo, may be based on the Grizzly Bear, a predator of the Salmon Fish. Mr. Grizz is also shown to be a statue of a Bear.
    • If the bear statue is indeed a statue of Mr. Grizz, it may suggest that Mr. Grizz may be among the last surviving true mammals of the Splatoon universe, other than Judd and Li'l Judd.
  • The Power Egg balloon in Hero Mode resembles, if it is not indeed, Grizzco's logo.
  • If you get team-wiped or time runs out, Mr. Grizz will give tips on playing or defeating bosses.


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