Hero Suit

The protagonist in the Hero Suit

The Hero Suit is the costume worn by the protagonist in the story mode of Splatoon. It is said to help "protect against the Octarians." 

The suit is made up of 3 pieces of gear for the head, chest, and feet. Based on the multiplayer stats, the complete suit boosts running, swimming and launching speeds.

Upon completing Hero Mode, a replica suit is unlocked to wear in multiplayer along with the Octoling armor. In Splatoon 2, the suit is only obtainable by scanning the Callie amiibo into the game.

The stages in story mode contain power eggs, which are used to power up the gear.


  • According to the developers, the suit is designed to look like a fire fly squid.
  • The shoes in Hero Mode emit light, whereas the Replica Runners you unlock don't light up.

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An Inkling wearing the Hero Suit