The Hydra Splatling is a Main Splatling weapon in Splatoon, so called because of its three barrels, like a three headed dragon called a hydra. It has a long charge time, but a long fire time (enough to kill multiple players) and long range (enough to match chargers)

Tips and Tricks

  • The Hydra splatting has the 4th best range in the game (after the E-Liter 3K Scope, E-Liter 3K, and Splatterscope) Use your range to splat Shooter and Rollers from a distance
  • Since it has long range and is somewhat mobile, it can be used to take down enemy Chargers
  • It can be used as a Charger. It has a longer firing time (easier to hit moving or multiple targets) and doesn't show a laser, meaning opponent won't know if they're being targeted. However, it takes longer to fully charge, leaving you vulnerable for long period of time
  • Like a Charger, your biggest threats are Shooters, Rollers and Sloshers. Watch the map and be aware
  • The normal Hydra splatling is suited to be used like a Charger, with Burst Bombs too kills opponents who get too close and Echolocator as a support weapon.
  • The custom variation is better suited for fighting offensively. Sprinkler helps you grab turf, and Bubbler is great for team rushes or to protect while moving into opponent territory Everyone please help edit delete this message when ready.

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