Ink in action

Ink in action.

Ink is the main projectile used in the game Splatoon as well as a way to get around. It comes in a variety of team-based colors, and is stored and measured with the player's Ink Tank.

Ink stains walls and the Ground, but goes through grates and glass and can't be splattered on barrels. It allows Inklings to camouflage themselves and ambush enemies. Glassgrates, and certain surfaces can't be splattered by ink.



A squid hiding in ink.

Ink can be used in a variety of ways such as being used as a projectile.

After getting hit by enemy ink in some way, depending on the weapon used, an Inkling or Octoling will get splattered (known as "splatted") and will later respawn. If they are not splatted, the Ink will still give away their location to the enemy team on the map.

Ink can also be fired at the ground, walls, and other surfaces. Once a surface is inked, Inklings in squid form can swim through it, allowing them to traverse the land very fast. When staying still in the ink, squid form Inklings can hide and ambush enemies and when moving they will only create small ripples.

Ink railing

An Inkling using an Ink Railing.

In Hero Mode ink is used in even more ways. Ink Railings allow for fast transportation while in squid form, as Inklings can swim from one end of the railing to the other. Sponge Blocks, when squirted with ink, will expand and then can be used as a platform.

The way to get more ink to use is to swim in ink already splattered on the ground. Ink can also slowly regenerate when weapons are not in use.



Some of the colors used in Turf Wars.

In multiplayer, both teams of Inklings use one of the following colors:
  • Magenta
  • Orange
  • Yellow-orange
  • Lime green
  • Emerald
  • Turquoise
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Red-orange
  • Sky blue
  • Light blue

During the Lemon Tea vs. Milk Tea Japanese Splatfest, the colors used differed from regular turf war colors:

  • Yellow
  • Cream

In Octo Valley, Inklings use several other colors inaccessible in Multiplayer. Colors with identical names have different shades from their Multiplayer versions.

  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Pastel green
  • Cyan

Octarians use these colors:

  • Dark fuchsia
  • Red
  • Black
  • Gold
  • Turquoise
  • Orange

Images gathered by krak-on-splat-roller on tumblr. 

Special Colors (Splatfest Exclusives)

  • White Beige (Team Milk Tea)

Images from various sources on Miiverse. 


  • While ink in Splatoon resembles paint, Inklings shoot ink simply because they are squids.
  • Teams in Splatoon are always a contrasting color with the other team, such as yellow against purple.
  • An Inkling's ink color is random online, and in Hero Mode it depends on the chapter.
  • The White Beige ink is only used in the 3rd Japanese Splatfest for the Milk Tea Team.
  • Ink in Splatoon that is splatted onto walls does not count towards the score in Regular Battles or Ranked Battles.
  • It is revealed in the Sunken Scrolls, the Ink goes away after every Turf War.
  • The fact that Splatoon lacks red ink may be to avoid the thought of it being blood (Although, it was used during the Splatoon 2 Mayo vs. Ketchup Splatfest (white vs. red).