The Ink Mine is a Sub Weapon in Splatoon.


An Ink Mine is placed on the floor directly under the user. It is invisible to the enemy team except for a glowing light the colour of the Ink Mine's team. It is triggered by members of either team, including the user, and will create an explosion of ink if they get close to it or splatter the area it is located in with ink . If an opposing Inkling is within range, it will glow for a moment and then explode, possibly splatting the Inkling if they fail to get out of the way in time.


  • The player can place an Ink Mine before being splatted, as the opponent will not be able to see it and will be splatted by it, earning the player a splat.
  • Ink Mines can also be placed near the opponent's spawn, as they will generally be in the area it will explode in, earning the player a quick splat and a chance to take more ground around the enemy's Respawn Point.
  • A popular strategy is to place a mine on the Tower in Tower Control. When an opponent hops on, the mine goes off, earning you a splat and stopping the other team from moving the tower.


  • The Bomb Sniffer Ability will reveal where Ink Mines and other explosives are hidden, making them easily avoidable.
  • Because they take several seconds to blow up, once the player notices the Ink Mine being activated they can avoid being splatted by running or swimming away in ink.


Main Sub Special
Aerospray RG Ink Mine Inkstrike
Rapid Blaster Ink Mine Bubbler
New Squiffer Ink Mine Inkzooka
Luna Blaster Ink Mine Inkzooka
Inkbrush Nouveau Ink Mine Bubbler


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トラップ Trap
French (NA) Mine d'encre Ink mine
French (EU) Mine Landmine
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