Signs and logos for Booyah Base's shops are written in Inkling.

The Inkling language is a fictional language spoken primarily by Inklings, and other characters as well, such as some Octolings and Jellyfish. Most, if not all, of the game's graphics and voice clips are in Inkling.

Forge's logo appears to read FORリマ, or Forima. This is Forge's name in Japan.

While many have tried to decipher the language, nobody has been able to make any real progress toward this goal. The structure, vocabulary, and grammar of the language are stipher like The Legend of Zelda's Hylian, Inkling is not translatable as it is pure gibberish.

Written Inkling appears to be a conglomerate of English, Japanese, Cyrillic script, and sometimes Korean. In fact, some Inkling seems identical to these scripts' letters. For instance, text in some brand logos can be read as the brand's Japanese name, and Inklings sometimes say a phrase phonetically similar to "ready" in battle. In some other cases, Inkling looks just like the English alphabet, with letters that appear to be English and can be read easily.

Readable words

Words around Inkopolis

  • The studio where Inkopolis News is filmed has an "On Air" sign.
  • The sign at Mahi-Mahi Resort, saying Mahi-Mahi Resort and Spa.
  • The banner at Shellendorf Institute resembles the letters "Tho Davon Mujum," which is similar to the stage's name in Japanese, "Devon Oceanographic Museum."


  • The Forge brand logo resembles the letters "Forリマ", which is similar to the brand's name in Japanese, フォーリマ (fōrima).
  • The Splash Mob brand logo resembles the letters "GiMN", which is similar to the brand's name in Japanese, ジモン (jimon). Interestingly, Gimn is a russian word, meaning Anthem, Canticle, Carol or Hymn.
  • The Tentatek brand logo resembles the letters "AROME", which is the brand's name in Japanese, アロメ (arome).
  • The Zink brand logo resembles the letters "IArOIC", which vaguely resembles the brand's name in Japanese, アイロニック (aironikku, i.e. "ironic").

All Known Inkling dialogue

The language spoken by Inklings has been altered to have a wavy sound. Many words in their spoken language sound like the English word "squid".


  • "Yeddy!" - "Ready!"
  • "Week-week!" - "Ready!"
  • "Ye-squi-wy!" - "Ready!"
  • "NGYES" or "Ngyesh!" - "Booyah!"
  • "Iw-wawa-squi-wy!"
  • "Iw-wa-wa-week-wy!"
  • "I-yes-squeey!"
  • "Ngyen-gewy!"
  • "Sko-way-no-way!"
  • "Rowy-yesh!"
  • "Yoo-hee!" - cheer, or when jumping very high
  • "Splo-wee!" - cheer, or when jumping very high
  • "Yoo-kee!" - cheer, or when jumping very high
  • "Uuuuh!" - splatted
  • "Bluaugh!" - splatted

Lines added in Splatoon 2

  • "Wit-swee!" - cheer
  • "Yoop-we-weets-sway way be genny!"
  • "Sedge-we-weh-yadge!"
  • "Sed-wedge-ywoo!"
  • "Sum-wid-ghees"
  • "Swids-sgwei!"
  • "Ha-byeh-i-yehs"
  • "Byehs!" - cheer
  • "Choo-koon!" - hurt?
  • "Um-wee!" - hurt?
  • "Ng-hglooowrh!" - hurt?
  • "Urgh-wreeh" - hurt?
  • "Wrarh-wreeh!" - cheer
  • "Yee-hoo!" - cheer
  • "Squeed- wee!" - cheer
  • "Sqoo-dee!" - cheer
  • "Ye-i-ngyes!" - "Ready!"
  • "Hae-day!" - "Ready!"
  • "Aargh!" - splatted
  • "Aargh?" - splatted
  • "Yee-yeeh?" - splatted
  • "This Way"


  • "Hey!'
  • "Ge-wy!" - "Ready!"
  • "Squeek-week!" - "Ready!"
  • "I-bew-wew-squee-weew!"
  • "Wo-wew-we-squeew-wee!"
  • "Wowee!" - "Booyah!"
  • "He-by!" - "Ready!"
  • "Yay!"
  • "Squi-wi-wi-dee!"
  • "Nyu-wee!"
  • "Gung-we-wy!" - "Boo-yah!" (known as "Manmenmi" (マンメンミ) in Japanese) (sounds like ”Gangway!”)
  • "Bway!"
  • "Bwoo-by!"
  • "Squoo-by!"
  • "Yebby!"
  • "Gooby!"
  • "Fow, fewibby!"
  • "Gwooby!" - cheer, or when jumping very high
  • "Yippee!" - cheer, or when jumping very high
  • "Squee!" - cheer, or when jumping very high
  • "Squibby!" - cheer, or when jumping very high
  • "Uwaaaw!" - splatted
  • "Awawoo!" - splatted
  • "Hewisquiw!" - splatted
  • "Aoo-way!" - splatted
  • "Aw-dway-squid!" Possibly says when failing, such as in Turf Wars. (sounds like "All-Day Squid", except there being a W in day and all Ls are replaced with W)
  • WOOMY” This could be a general sound of excitement, such as “Booyah!”.

Lines added in Splatoon 2

  • "Hway, hebbi-yoh!"
  • "Hey, skee-yo-oh!"
  • "Hey, squee-meew!"
  • "Hey, hu-looh!"
  • "Neks-choo!"
  • "Haoh!" - hurt
  • "Straa-Fick Shtoul!"
  • "Mee-kyu!" - possibly thank you, after getting food at Crusty Sean's truck. Can be sometimes used for a "Booyah!"
  • "Si-di-yoh!"
  • "Squee-dee!"
  • "Skee-bee!"
  • "Sam-myooh!" - "Help me!"
  • "Um-smyooh!"
  • "Zerhf-myooh!"
  • "Mee-yooh!"
  • "Ngee-dveeh!"
  • "Ngam-dvyooh!"
  • "Zem-myooh!"
  • "Meck-dyooh!"
  • "Mee-hooh!" - cheer
  • "Behg-glee!" - cheer
  • "Meeni wee!" - cheer
  • "Wee-glee!" - cheer
  • "Hastu wee!" - "Booyah!".
  • "Vingee!"
  • "Ahns-spoargh?" - splatted

Enemy Octolings

The Octolings, who are somewhat related to the Inklings, speak a similar language.

  • "Ha-ha!" - Destroy
  • "Ha!"
  • "Huhaha!" - Seek and Destroy
  • "Ah?"
  • "Aoo-wow?"
  • "Huh?" - Target Acquire
  • "Huh!" -
  • "Lee-kow-fuh-mee!" - splatted (sounds like "Look out for me!")
  • "Aoo-wow!" - splatted
  • "Iwoooow!" - splatted
  • "Yeah!"

Lines added in Splatoon 2

  • "Nyaow-feeee?!" - splatted
  • "Aoo-waaaah!" - splatted
  • "Aoo-oooooh!" - splatted

Playable Octolings

Octolings were added as playable characters in the Splatoon 2 paid DLC; The Octo Expansion. Female playable Octolings share some voice lines with enemy Octolings from Hero Mode.


  • "VEEMO" - "Booyah!"
  • "Ai wen-mee"
  • "Tulip!"
  • "Aw Yeah!"
  • "Whoopie!"
  • "Wahmey!"
  • "Boxie!" - "Booyah!", also used in Viantastic's Bridgett videos when a box or crate is found.
  • "Mee" or "Mean" - "Booyah!"
  • "Oonay!"
  • "Oonah"
  • "Hey"
  • "Oh yo!" - "This Way!" or "Ouch..."
  • "Yahoo!" - When super jumping


  • "OOMI" or "Omi!" - "Booyah!"
  • "Un-nya-gi"
  • "Men uni!" - "This way!"
  • "Wen mari!" - "This way!"
  • "Yoshall!"
  • "Jollie!"
  • "Bubbol!"
  • "Mai, Yo!" or "Weyo" - "Booyah!"
  • "Ah so!" - When super jumping

Squid Sisters

  • "Su-pres!" - "Stay Fresh!"
  • "Say-kyes"
  • "A-luh-ska?" - Callie (slightly pronouced "Alaska")
  • "Skolt." - Marie

Off the Hook (Splatoon 2 only)

  • "Hasha hono heyshea!" - Pearl
  • "Heo mene, checcet!" - Pearl
  • "Woamo shu!" - Pearl
  • "Peemo sheo, tentako!" - “Don’t get cooked, stay off the hook!”

Octo Expansion (Splatoon 2 only)

Sanitized Octarians

Sanitized Octarians share some voice lines with the enemy Octarians from Hero Mode, but with a robotic voice filter to make them sound lifeless.

Music in Inkling

Squid Sisters

The Chirpy Chips

  • Shelfie
  • Quick Start

Squid Squad

Off The Hook



  • $@%* Dudes Be #$@%* Sleepin

Wet Floor

Turquoise October

  • Buoyant Boogie
  • Shooting Starfish

DJ Octavio

Grizzco Industries

  • Happy Little Workers
  • Even Further

Chirpy Chips

  • Split and Splat
  • Blitz It!
  • Wave Prism

Bottom Feeders

  • Shipwreckin'
  • Fins & Fiddles
  • Seafoam Shanty


  • Seasick
  • Kinetosis


  • Chopscrewey
  • Entropical

Mizuta Ahato (aka DJ Dedf1sh)

  • Splattack! (Octo)
  • #0 shell
    1. 1 progress
    2. 2 ripped
    3. 4 dunno
    4. 5 thirsty
    5. 6 frisk
    6. 8 regret
    7. 9 party
    8. 11 above
    9. 12 awake
    10. 13 shade
    11. 14 crush
    12. 16 salty
    13. 19 bless



  • Booyah Base's name is based on the cheer "Boo-yah!" and the Provençal fish stew bouillabaisse.
  • "Ngyes" and "Woomy" (Wowee), dialogue from Inkling boys and girls (respectively), have become well-known memes among the Splatoon fandom, as both of them were heard frequently. "Woomy" may also refer to the Inkling girl, while "Ngyes" refers to the Inkling boy.
    • The Japanese-language equivalent of "Wowee" is "Manmenmi" (マンメンミ, what "Gung-we-wy" sounds like in Japanese), which is also based on a quote by the Inkling girl. She usually says this after defeating a boss or when saying "Boo-yah!".
    • "Veemo" dialogue form playable Octoling girls has also become a well-known meme, however "Oomi" and "Omi" from Octoling boys have not because people have a hard time figuring out what they’re actually saying.
    • Although "Woomy" may be a meme, the actual phrase is actually pronounced as "Wowee"
  • Some fans have dubbed Inkling language "Inklish", a fusion of the words “Inkling” and “English”.
  • The Japanese lyrics of the Squid Sisters' songs (or their Calamari County dialect) may suggest that Inkling is a syllabic language, like Japanese.
  • Some voice files have the same dialogue by male and female Inklings, except with their voices being set in a higher pitch. They may have been used at some point for a weapon that was able to shrink other Inklings, as it is common in other games to raise the pitch of a character's voice when they are shrunken.
    • Furthermore, some voice files in Splatoon 2 also have an echoing sound.

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