Inkopolis Square is the primary hub area of Splatoon 2, in another part of Inkopolis. Players can engage in various activities between events, and purchase Gear in the 4 shops within Inkopolis Galleria

A manhole can be seen beyond the alley after the building underneath the tortoise (to the left), where Marie stands and gestures the player to invite them to fight the Octarians

This is also where the band Off the Hook works in, within a ground floor studio for Inkopolis News.



  • While Inkopolis Plaza has large statues of a kitsune (a fox spirit) and a tanuki (a raccoon-like canid), Inkopolis Square has large statues of a tortoise and a red paper crane on its buildings.
  • Like Inkopolis Plaza, Inkopolis Square is also set to night-time during a Splatfest, and decorated with the colors of the teams of the current Splatfest.

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