The Inkstrike (Japanese: トルネード Toruneedo / Tornado) is a Special Weapon in Splatoon.


Like all special weapons, the Inkstrike must be charged before it can be used. To use it, the player must activate it then tap anywhere on the gamepad's screen to launch it. It will then deploy a giant tornado made of ink that covers the tapped area. A short warning can be seen on the ground once someone possessing an Inkstrike has chosen their location on the gamepad.

Example of a warning marker to signal an Octarian's Inkstrike

If an opposing player is caught in your teams Inkstrike tornado, they will instantly perish.

The time it takes for the tornado to cease is around 2-3 seconds and the area of the tornado is fairly large. Throughout its 2-3 seconds of performance, the Inkstrike will grow in size from when it first hit the ground, with the approximate final area being about 2.8% of the map!


  • The Inkstrike can be used as a smokescreen for capturing central areas, or making it to the opposing side to ambush enemies.
  • The Inkstrike is great for countering Chargers, especially the Splatterscope and E-Liter 3K Scope. Even if they get out of the way, you can now rush them.
  • You are an easy target while launching the Inkstrike. Make sure you are in an area w/ cover to delay enemy attacks.

Orange Inkstrike (middle) in comparison to an blue Inkling (bottom left).

Inkstrikes are also used by Octostrikers in Hero Mode. In the levels they appear in, the player will have to dodge many Inkstrikes throughout the level and defeat the Octostriker at the end to complete it.


Main Sub Special
Jet Squelcher Splash Wall Inkstrike
Splattershot Pro Splat Bomb Inkstrike
.52 Gal Deco Seeker Inkstrike
Aerospray RG Ink Mine Inkstrike
Gold Dynamo Roller Splat Bomb Inkstrike
N-Zap '89 Sprinkler Inkstrike
Inkbrush Sprinkler Inkstrike
Range Blaster Splash Wall Inkstrike
Slosher Burst Bomb Inkstrike
Heavy Splatling Splash Wall Inkstrike


  • Using Inkstrike will refill your ink tank. If you know you are not in danger, be sure to fully use your ink before using Inkstrike for a free refill. (Applies to all special weapons)
  • Use the Inkstrike to target campers, or people in secluded areas that would be hard to escape from, as you can splat enemy inklings.
  • Launch Inkstrikes to choke points, as it can allow you and your team access.
  • Inkstrikes can be used as walls (kinda). You can walk through them, and since your opponents will most likely flee, it can be used to surprise your opponents.
  • While preparing to launch the Inkstrike, you're very vulnerable to attacks, so watch out! And vice versa, if you see a person preparing an Inkstrike, try to splat them before they launch, thus preventing any of the things listed above.
  • It can be effective on inexperienced players, as they might not know what the squid band means. (Inkstrike target)
  • Using this in "Control the Zones" will gurantee your team to get one zone, but not the other one, if there is another one. 


  • Originally the Inkstrike was meant to create a giant dome of ink instead of a cylindric tornado-like appearance. It was also called the ink tornado.

    Planned appearance of Inkstrike as a dome

  • If one looks closely, the "5.2" in its licensing on the weapon is actually 50.
  • The name "Inkstrike" is a parody of the weapon "Airstrike" used commonly in FPS or TPS shooters.
  • The inkstrike resembles more of a satellite Lazer, as a rocket being launched before becoming a Lazer to fire a large beam of energy onto the target.
  • In Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, the Inkstrike is seen as a car.
  • If you fire an Inkstrike before the timer ends, it will land ever after the timer stops

Names in other languages

Language Name Notes
Japanese トルネード Tornado
French (NA) Tornade
German Tintferno Ink inferno
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