The Inkzooka (Japanese: スーパーショット Suupaa Shotto / Super Shot) is a Special Weapon in Splatoon.


When the Inkzooka is fully charged (Or acquired in Hero Mode from a Canned Special), the user is able to shoot about 1 shot per second within roughly an eight-second time period. One-shot from the Inkzooka is powerful enough to splat any opponents caught in the blast.


  • The Inkzooka is great for short-range weapons, especially the Carbon Roller, Aerospray MG, and Luna Blaster, when hitting longer-ranged opponents.
  • If the top of the tornado hits a wall, the whole tornado will disappear.
  • Even if you aim down, the tornado will still travel forward. Don't try to snipe opponent below you.
  • Since you can't use your main weapon while using Inkzooka, don't use it if an opponent is nearby.


  • The tornadoes can't go through walls, so simply hide behind one.
  • If you are using a fast, close-range weapon, you can easily rush an Inkzooka user. Try to stay out of sight until you reach them.
  • Inkzooka users can't use their sub or main weapons. Sneak up on them and then splat them
  • Hide in ink, and hit them when they aren't paying attention to you.


  • If one looks closely, the text on the Inkzooka is the Inkling language, and not proper text.


Main Sub Special
Tentatek Splattershot Suction Bomb Inkzooka
Aerospray MG Seeker Inkzooka
Luna Blaster Ink Mine Inkzooka
Carbon Roller Burst Bomb Inkzooka
Neo Splash-o-matic Burst Bomb Inkzooka
Octoshot Replica Suction Bomb Inkzooka
Mini Splatling Suction Bomb Inkzooka
Rapid Blaster Pro Seeker Inkzooka
Sloshing Machine Neo Point Sensor Inkzooka
Octobrush Nouveau  Splat Bomb Inkzooka
H-3 Nozzlenose D Point Sensor Inkzooka


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スーパーショット Super Shot
French (NA) Lance-tornades Tornado Thrower

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