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Iso Padre is a character in Octo Expansion. He is a giant isopod wearing sunglasses, a golden neck chain, and a black leisure suit, carrying a briefcase filled with toys. He also carries several childish accessories to further emphasize his playful side.

Mem Cakes

Iso Padre's role in Octo Expansion is unclear, but it is shown that he is trying to get to Inkopolis[1]. He also has a relation to objects called Mem Cakes. When he arrives onto the train, he notices Agent 8 has some Mem Cakes which he'll ask them to gather more. When Agent 8 completes a set of Mem Cakes by clearing their subway line on the Deepsea Metro, they'll receive a piece of gear that will be unlocked when the player completes the Octo Expansion. It's revealed that he was one of the test subjects in the Deepsea Metro and he, himself has also forgotten his memories.

Iso Padre will give a piece of gear for every mem cake set completed:

  • He'll reward the Neo Octoling Gear set for the first three sets.
    • Octoling Shades - 1 set completed
    • Neo Octoling Armor - 2 sets completed
    • Neo Octoling Boots - 3 sets completed
  • For the fourth, fifth, and sixth sets, he'll reward the Null Armor Replica set; the Armor worn by Agent 8 when they pick up two pieces of Armor
    • Null Visor Replica - 4 sets completed
    • Null Armor Replica - 5 sets completed
    • Null Boots Replica - 6 sets completed
  • For the seventh, eight, and ninth sets, he'll reward the Old-Timey set; the clothes worn by Cap'n Cuttlefish.
    • Old-Timey Hat - 7 sets completed
    • Old-Timey Clothes - 8 sets completed
    • Old-Timey Shoes - 9 sets completed
  • For the final set, he will award the Conductor Cap.



  • Iso Padre's name is a pun on "isopod", referring to his species, and "padre", Spanish for "father" (which can also be translated as "priest").
  • He reveals to Agent 8 that he only managed to obtain 2 mem cakes when he was still a test subject.


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