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Judd (Japanese: ジャッジくん Jajji-kun / Judge-kun) is a cat in Splatoon and Splatoon 2. Unlike other characters, he seems to play a role in Splatoon's story that remains a mystery. In multiplayer, he plays the role of referee in Turf Wars. When he's done judging, he can be found sleeping on a trash bin in Inkopolis Plaza.


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The Sunken Scrolls reveal that Judd was around during the time of humans, and was cryogenically frozen when the world flooded, staying that way for 10,000 years before continuing his life with the Inklings. One Sunken Scroll shows an early Egyptian-style drawing dated 2,000 years prior to the present day, depicting a Turf War with a cat similar to Judd, implying that he could be 12,000 years old. Another Sunken Scroll depicts him judging the early war between the Inklings and Octarians, celebrating with the former in their victory.

In Splatoon 2, a smaller cat, Li'l Judd, works with him as a referee, but with Judd representing the player's team, and Li'l Judd representing the opposing team. Other than his appearance and his name, it is unknown on the exact relations between him and Li'l Judd.

Personality and traits

Judd was born with the incredible ability to judge turf area at a glance to separate the winners from the losers. It may look like he’s wearing a snazzy cat tuxedo, but that’s actually just the naturally occurring pattern of his fur. He is also a bit lazy just like most cats, although he does wake up for Splatfest.[1]


Judd is the referee for all forms of battle in multiplayer. If spoken to outside of the lobby, he will give random advice or rewards. Based on the vibe meter, one to three wins will grant a reward of 100 coins; four to six wins, 400 coins; and seven or more wins, 1400 coins. Judd also gives Level Bonuses for every fifth level after Level 20.


  • Judd's name is likely derived from the word "judge," as he is the referee for Splatoon's battles.
    • It could also be a reference to Judge Dredd, with the name shortened.
  • In the E3 demo for Splatoon, Judd's end-match animations were changed. Before pulling out the flag of the winning side's color, he originally turned towards the winning side as he drew out the flag, making it more clear which side was the winner before the flag come out. In the final version, he stays centered until he draws out the flag.
  • There was a glitch concerning Judd consisting on recovering all your money back from purchasing a slot, reroll or ordered gear from Spyke by talking with Judd after the purchase. It was fixed with the 1.2.0 patch.[2]


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ジャッジくん
from ジャッジ jajji, a transliteration of "judge" and くん kun, a masculine honorific
Spanish (NOA) JustinoSpanish variation on the name Justin (just; upright; righteous)
French Charbitrepun on "chat" (cat) and "arbitre" (judge)
German Miezrichterfrom Miez (onomatopoeia for meow) and Schiedsrichter (referee)


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