The Krak-On Splat Roller is a Main Roller weapon in Splatoon and Splatoon 2.


It comes with the Kraken and Squid Beacon. It has the ability to ink the ground while on the move. The weapon can also fling ink at a medium-length range. If the player rolls into an enemy while using it, the enemy will be splatted immediately. The roller also doesn't cover as much ink when making a u-turn. This is the same weapon as the Splat Roller, except the difference of the sub and special weapon.

Weapon Quote

"Created in association with Krak-On, the freshest name in footwear. The sub allows you to create a jump point for your team, and the special lets you surge across the battlefield."


Rollers, while not very effective at skirmishes, make up for it with incredible support. They are the best weapon for trying to sneak through enemy lines to get back turf that's missing, and help keep the player's team's turf maximized.

The Krak-On Roller is particularly effective when dealing with high pressure teams. The Squid Beakon is extremely helpful for not only teammates needing a quick jump to a safe spot, but the player to get right back into the action. If the player is found in a tough spot, just cover ground until the sub meter fills up. Then the player can invade enemy turf that is well guarded, giving the player's team the openings they need, or the Kraken can simply be used to get you out of a sticky situation if need be.

Tips for facing each weapon type

  • Shooter-type weapons will vary depending on the specific gun, but for the most part it is to make a jumping ranged attack for maximum range. If possible, simply go another way and cover more ink, until the player can sneak behind them or get your special charged.
  • Roller-type weapons are the only weapons the player doesn't have an unfavorable match against, but it's still a 50-50. If the player has gotten more turf than the opponent, running into the opposing roller is definitely an option, as it will deny the enemy team turf from their Roller, and the player can jump back to a nearby beacon. Alternatively, the player can swim away and try to make a ranged attack.
  • Charger-type weapons are the most difficult to deal with. If the player is pinned down, the best option would be to try to zig-zag their way out of the area. If the player feels like they're close enough to hit, swim up whatever distance necessary and make a jumping ranged attack.

(Note that Rollers are not made for skirmishes, their role is to cover ground. If you can roll over somebody along the way, great, otherwise avoid confrontation as much as possible).

Beneficial Abilities

Bomb Sniffer is probably the best ability for this, since you have a very inefficient means of checking for Ink Mines otherwise, and lets you run free of fear. It also lets you know when any other explosives might be coming your way, which is a nifty little perk. Comeback is great with the Roller weapons as well, since it lets you jump quickly back into the action and you can abuse that increased movement and ink efficiency. Stealth Jump is a very helpful option here, since you can jump into the middle of a heated fight with relatively more safety than advertising your incoming location, or you can rely on Recon to let you know where it will be safe to jump to (Both can be combined with Quick Super Jump, but Stealth Jump will lessen the effects). Opening Gambit is also nice, since it gives movement to help you take the early advantage.

Names in other languages

Language Name Notes
Japanese スプラローラーコラボ Splat Roller Collaboration
French (NA) Rouleau Krakeurs
Spanish (NA) Rodillo Plaf de Krak-On
German Medusa Klecks-Roller Medusa Splat Roller

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