The L-3 Nozzlenose is a Main Shooter weapon in Splatoon.


The L-3 Nozzlenose is a semi-automatic ink gun that fires in 3-shot bursts. It has high range for a shooter, and high accuracy. The L-3 Nozzlenose is not capable of rapid fire.

Weapon Quote

"A semiautomatic weapon that fires three shots for every pull of the trigger. Keeping up a sustained barrage requires impeccable timing, but accuracy and range are good."


Shooters are the backbone of (almost) any good team. They're versatile and varied with each weapon, and cover plenty of ground, as well as apply more pressure to the enemy team than either Charger or Roller weapons.

The L-3 Nozzlenose is unusual in that it isn't capable of rapid fire by holding down the trigger and instead only produces three shots. The trigger can be tapped repeatedly to achieve a constant stream of shots however. The Disruptor can slow down opponents making it easier to aim shots and deter enemies from attacking key strategic points on the map. Finally, the Killer Wail provides further opportunities to deter enemies or can be used offensively.

Tips for facing each weapon type:

  • Shooter-type weapons can be troublesome as the L-3 Nozzlenose requires greater precision than many other Shooters. However, the L-3 Nozzlenose will outrange some common shooters like aerosprays and the Splattershot and the disruptor can be useful to aid with aiming.
  • Roller-type weapons are the easiest to deal with due to the Disruptor as this will incapacitate them and prevent them from squishing you. The L-3 Nozzlenose will just outrange a Splat Roller but it is much quicker to splat them with good aiming than they can retaliate.
  • Charger-type weapons are also an issue as it can be hard to approach one and the Disruptor is less effective at dealing with them. The Killer Wail can be used to force a splat charger away from strategic high ground if the special is fully charged.


The weapon is loosely designed around revolver type firearms.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese L3リールガン
L3 Rīrugan
L3 Reelgun
French (NA) Arroseur léger Light sprinkler
German L3 Tintenwerfer L3 Inkthrower

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