The L-3 Nozzlenose D is a Main Shooter weapon in Splatoon.


The L-3 Nozzlenose D is a standard L-3 Nozzlenose, decorated with badges from its manufacturer. Its stats are unchanged, but this set includes Burst Bomb and the Kraken. a very aggressive combination! Attack with a Burst Bomb, and then finish them with your shooter. It's an easy set to get the hang of!

Weapon Quote

"A specially designed L-3 Nozzlenose with a logo on it. The sub weapon lets you finish off opponents who are still standing, and the special allows you to strike from up close."


  • Shooters types are fairly easy as  many shooters like the Aerospray RG, Splattershot Jr., Splash-o-matic and the Tentatek Splattershot are outranged by you. These matchups are favored, if you keep your distance. If you find yourself in a close-range fight, use the Kraken or Burst bombs. If the enemy shooter outranges you, run away, or you can try to out craft them. In addition use a Burst Bomb as a deterent to them.
  • Rollers types are at a disadvantage against you due to your high firing rate. You should be able to fire two rounds at their unbelievably large hitbox before they can even retaliate. Just keep your distance and if they get too close use your Kraken.
  • Chargers have the overall advantage due to their high range.  Stay away from their field of vision, and flank them. If they see you, swim away, or use burst bombs as an escape technique. You could also use your burst bombs to force them of high ground if standing on some.
  • Sloshers can be tricky due to their high damage and decent range. The best thing to do is to exploit your range and if they get too close smack them with a burst bomb.
  • Splattlings can be tricky. In close combat situations you have the advantage as they have to charge but in long distance combat their range is lethal so it is best to retreat or sneak up on them.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Note
Japanese L3リールガンD
L3 Rīrugan D
L3 Reelgun D
French (NA) Arroseur léger requin Light Shark Sprinkler
German L3 Tintenwerfer D L3 Inkthrower D


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