Li'l Judd is a character debuting in Splatoon 2. He works alongisde Judd as a referee across player matches. He represents the opposing team in Turf Wars. while Judd represents the player's team.

It is unknown if he has any direct relation to Judd, despite the duo sharing similar names and appearances.


Li'l Judd resembles Judd in appearance, from his tuxedo-themed fur markings. He is often seen smiling which contrasts against Judd's more lazy and uncaring personality.


Li'l Judd is a clone of Judd, As the final sunken scroll is a note from Judd's owner, Which says, "If you get lonely, Turn on your capsule again."



  • As we can see in the last Sunken Scroll of Hero Mode, it is possible that Li'l Judd is a clone created by the cryostase machine.