The Luna Blaster is a Main Shooter Weapon in Splatoon and Splatoon 2.


The Luna Blaster, much like other Blasters, shoots rounds of ink that burst into fireworks. However, this blaster has a limited amount of range, making it hard to hit opponents that are far away. These bursts can deal damage in a wide area, making it great for close combat.

Weapon Quote

"A blaster tailored to close-quarters combat. It fires a shot that detonates powerfully at close range, and the Inkzooka special can help handle opponents who are farther away."

"The Luna Blaster is a specialized shooter that can unleash explosive power at close range! Its rate of fire is good, and its blasts cover a wide area, but you'll need the Inkzooka to hit far-off foes. Oh, and the Ink Mines can also really make a difference in the right hands, so this set is perfect for veterans!"


The Luna Blaster rivals the power of the Blaster, making it able to take out an enemy in one shot, or two hits of the small explosive bursts this weapon has. The downside is that it has an EVEN SHORTER range than the Blaster, Which has a short range already. But it does make up for it with nearly double the rate of fire, making it much more fitting to cover turf, and is equipped with the strategic Ink Mine. Finally, for when the player just can't reach those enemy Inklings, the player can sweep through their whole team with the Inkzooka.

Tips for facing each weapon type:

  • Shooter-type weapons will give the player trouble unless the player can get the jump on them, as the player is outranged by even the other Blaster weapons. If an enemy spots the player, backpedal while firing shots, or just lay an Ink Mine and find a new place to spread your turf.
  • Roller-type weapons are your only favored matchup, as the player can both splat in one shot, but you have a decent rate of fire. Backpedal while firing at them, and you'll come out victorious, or you can lay an Ink Mine in a closed area to deter these players from advancing further.
  • Charger-type weapons are the bane of your existence. Spend your time spreading your turf until you can pull out an Inkzooka and take them out.
  • Corners and tight openings are your friends. Use the air-burst feature of this weapon to damage enemies that you don't have line-of-sight with. Also, set a mine in case they rush around said corner or opening.


  • This weapon was released at 7 PM PST on June 23rd, 2015 in North America.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ノヴァブラスター
Nova Burasutā
Nova Blaster
French (NA) Proxiblasteur
German Luna Blaster


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