Mahi-Mahi Resort

The stage Mahi-Mahi Resort

Mahi-Mahi Resort is a multiplayer stage in Splatoon.


The stage is a resort and it takes on a pool. Mahi-Mahi Resort is unique in the fact that when a round is halfway over, the water level recedes, and a large section of the stage that was previously inaccessible rises to the water's surface.

Notable Locations

To the left of the spawn point, you will find a few small platforms. Teammates and opponents may avoid these areas because of their difficulty to access, requiring the player to jump on the platform after accelerating in squid form.

Ranked Battle

In Rainmaker, the Rainmaker is situated on the small platform in the centre of the map. The map remains unchanged.


Water - Lots of water is located across the stage, which will splat you if you fall in. Fortunately, the water level falls about halfway through the battle.


  • This stage is named after the mahi-mahi, a surface-dwelling fish found in off-shore temperate, tropical, and subtropical waters.
  • This stage is possibly a reference after the Aulani Resort (owned by Disney) In Hawaii, including a similar structure (tall hotels with arch roof styles, as well as huge pool with island like sections within it. Both also have a tropical Hawaiian-like theme.
  • When Judd decides the winning team you can see that the water looks like a squid.


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