This is "Mem Cake." You can get it by clearing the challenge at the laboratory.

It seems that a piece of lost memory of No. 8 was made up and knocked up. If you collect and show it to Mr. Iso Padre, you will be pleased.

— Live from the Squid Research Lab


Mem Cakes are small items modeled after objects and characters from the world of Splatoon. They are said to be physical manifestations of Agent 8's lost memories, and can be obtained as rewards for completing stages.

A List of the Mem Cakes and their poems

Line A

  1. Inkling Girl (Orange) - "You paint the turf with graceful strokes. With watchful eye, I breathe a sigh. From sniper's perch, I go for broke."
  2. Inkling Girl (Pink) - "With tresses pink and eyes a blank. A smile so faint, it hides your feint. You slip on past-outfoxed! Outflanked!"
  3. Inkling Boy (Blue) - "You gaze seaward with azure hope. Between each blink you calmly think, As when you use a Splatterscope."
  4. Inkling Boy (Green) - "The rolling column splatters all. A stray shot shakes the tree awake. The summer turns, here comes the fall."
  5. Inkling Squid- "At last we meet, my so-called foe. But is our fate to spray this hate? Perhaps we'll learn in depths below..."

Line B

  1. Octarian - "The world I knew seems like a trap. I'm drawn now to the strange and new. Would my old friends think me a sap?"
  2. Twintacle Octotrooper - "The fat and heavy locks hang low. They frame your face above a base. Of stumpy leg and pigeon toe."
  3. Octocopter - "A hilltop picnic, friends and fruit. Your whirling blades provide us shade. I raise a hand in mock salute."
  4. Octobomber - "Destroy your troubles—bombs away! A tempting thought: bring all to naught. No wonder your friends tend to stray."
  5. Tentakook - "You face away, thinking me blind, Like I don't know what you won't show. Your love is still clear from behind."
  6. Octopod - "So principled you might explode, But when you burst, who's really cursed? Your loved ones have to bear that load."
  7. Octostamp - "It seems to you a sly attack, But for your pains you make no gains. You only get shot in the back."
  8. Octozeppelin - "How loftily you float on high, Suspended there in starry air. As you drip purple passing by."
  9. Tentacle - "How desolate this star-marked limb. Is what awaits me this same fate? I must not dwell; it's much too grim."
  10. Octoling - "Though parted by the ocean deep, My oldest friend, we meet again. I touch your face; you rouse from sleep."

Line C

  1. Chum - "You overwhelm with crowds and throngs. At every turn, you writhe and churn. Why can't we simply get along?"
  2. Flyfish - "Now nights grow long; summer abates. The tides recede as squids stampede. With fireworks, we celebrate."
  3. Scrapper - "Your motor whines; the ocean roars. No ink can halt your firm assault. Let these invaders know the score."
  4. Stinger - "When problems stack too tall to see, Just chip away and, day by day, You'll grow to live a life carefree."
  5. Steelhead- "Where love could blossom, spite congeals. Faced with these thieves, I aim and heave. A cluster bomb right in the feels."
  6. Steel Eel - "The hunt leads down a winding path. Tightly coiled and well-oiled, These dirty squids could use a bath."
  7. Maws - "Erupting eel glimpses the sky. Its eyelids squint against the glint, Of sun unseen by creatures shy."
  8. Drizzler - "A sudden drizzle bars my way. It's no hour for this shower, But light rain won't ruin my day."
  9. Goldie - "Each glittered scale shines so bright. You're my last ditch to strike it rich. And tilt my bank balance aright."

Line D

  1. Spawn Point- "Finality's not what it seems. When your end comes, rise up and run. Don't let defeat dissolve your dreams."
  2. Tower- "I topple from the tower ledge And choke back tears to see the gears Eliminate our hard-won edge."
  3. Rainmaker- "We're torn apart so many times; I must be bold and keep my hold To make their team pay for their crimes."
  4. Power Clam (sic: Should be "clam") - "When four are one, they make a team. But one from ten? Uhh, come again? It's like some kind of fever dream."
  5. Bumper - "You teach the virtues of the still, and yet I spurned the lesson learned. My problem is I have no chill."
  6. Squid Bumper - "Another squid? I'm gonna hurl. It's just litter! Please consider How we Octolings see the world."
  7. Balloon - "Oblivious, adrift, and round, You hold inside a tempting prize. Who doesn't love that popping sound?"
  8. Tree - "To plant a tree's its own reward. After you're gone, it will grow on In memory, initials scared."

Line E

  1. Splattershot - "The polished nozzle gleams and shines. Unblemished gun reflects the sun. A good day's match; victory's mine."
  2. Splat Roller - "I shake the squeegee to and fro. As I do laps my color saps; A fair trade for a mighty blow."
  3. Splat Bomb - "Closer to pyramids than spheres- Let fly the bombs! A sigh, then calm. A pillow stained with ink- or tears."
  4. Burst Bomb - "Not everyone can be a scourge In tense combat. I toss this splat, A monument to my last surge."
  5. Suction Bomb - "Though it flies errant or amiss, Should its sly ark hit near the mark, Your fate is sealed with a kiss."
  6. Curling Bomb- "No stealth or guile, not for you. You pave the way as plain as day, Foreshadowing imminent spew."
  7. Autobomb - "Its friendly face, its easy stride- That's all a front. Let me be blunt; It leaves you with nowhere to hide."
  8. Toxic Mist - "The sickly sweet aroma spreads. Its stagnant arms bring only harm, Along with sluggish, looming dread."

Line F

  1. Pearl - "I rule," you said, "It's in my blood. Don't step to me — ESPECIALLY If you can't hang with my best bud."
  2. Marina - "They told me you had gone to ground, and your rad groove was concrete proof That you made it safe and sound."
  3. Flow - "Two friends who never are apart: One's always cool, the other stews. I love them both with all my heart."
  4. Jelfonzo - "I watch your tendrils undulate. A blue bouquet that twirls and sways, As central mass swells and deflates."
  5. Sheldon - "Hmm, Slosher? Inkbrush? Curling Bomb? I'd gladly browse for hours and hours. Your gushing ramble brings me calm."
  6. Bisk - "Black, bulging eyes stare far inside. What does he see deep within me? From his sharp gaze, no one can hide."
  7. Crusty Sean - "How long must I wait in his line? Such tragic lack of Crusty snack...I'm almost there! It will be mine!"
  8. Murch - "Behind his dour, one-eyed stare, our urchin friend conceals a yen. For making the most out of gear."
  9. Judd & Li'l Judd - "A patch of sun? A fresh-caught fish? No bribe will swerve your eye for turf, However desperately we wish."
  10. Mr. Grizz - "Oh, what I'd give to be employed! Better, I'd say, to work for pay. Than ride this subway through the void."

Line G

  1. Tentatek - "Our sweat dripping from every pore. The harsh, hot sun won't stop this run. We grit our teeth and ask for more."
  2. Zekko - "I hate the sea but love the breeze. The sandy shore I will endure Just for that brisk, zephyrous tease."
  3. Skalop - "A Skalop brand atop your crown Will turn some heads but really shreds When it is simply turned around."
  4. Squidforce- "Squids often wear this as they strike With bomb and brush. It's quite a rush. I wish I could know what that was like..."
  5. Firefin - "Your 'tude is righteous, as you say. Is your science as defiant? Prove that your battle rhymes can slay."
  6. Zink - "I see you standing in the rain. Within a storm- forever warm. Powerful as a hurricane."
  7. Inkline - "Put down that phone; go shelve your book. Get ready, champ- it's time to camp! We'll share a drink right from the brook!"
  8. Toni Kensa - "Constructed of glass and concrete, A city stays in dull, drab grays Till we splash color on its streets."

Line H

  1. Jr. Mark- "Mistakes of youth teach us a lot. We skate too fast and have a blast And learn quickly not to get caught."
  2. "Slow Your Roll" Mole- "When going through here, play it cool!" Or get a clue and don't go through! I won't bend on this! Them's the rules!"
  3. iShipIt Logo- "I pack my feelings in a box: A parcel stuffed with hope and love And trimmed with stamps unorthodox."
  4. Familiar Graffiti- "I've seen this, but I'm not aware Just what the splat I'm looking at! Is it a frog or a brown bear?"
  5. Li'l Max- "How I admire Li'l Max! The highest rank to be so swank That my rivals have heart attacks."

Line I

  1. Marie - "The tide goes out and takes the light. How will I greet you when we meet? It keeps me up on inkstained nights."
  2. Callie - "Your song inspired a blush of love. It gave my heart a fresh new start. Now I ascend to shores above."
  3. DJ Octavio - "I leave without ceremony. Don't be too sore; I wanted more. My sincerest apology."
  4. Sardinium - "When I get my hands on these fish I might exchange them on the range, Except that they look so delish..."
  5. Sunken Scroll - "A mystery rolled up and bound- Oh, what's the use? It's too obtuse. I'll dump it in the lost and found."
  6. Key - "Beneath the summer sky I walk. Through valley, plain, and back again. Dreaming of what you might unlock."
  7. Mini Zapfish - "The rhythm etched in little jolts; Those idols sing and put a spring In my steps as I crank the volts."
  8. Zapfish - "Encased in sturdy sphere of glass. It breaks my heart to see you caught With whiskers trembling as I pass."
  9. Power Egg - "Though slick with slime, I keep my grip. The chill seeps through my gift from you. I mustn't let this cargo slip."

Line J

  1. White Tee - "I don't quite trust this stark white brand. It's more for squids or little kids... And where's the pop? It's oh-so bland!"
  2. King Tank - "This swells a stir of royal pride. I’m small or large, you lead the charge. The ink of nobles flows inside."
  3. Skalop Hoodie - "On colder days, I like this clothes. With other threads I'd stay in bed- It's too frigid to be exposed!"
  4. Mint Dakroniks - "I see you walking down the street. You think you're slick in those lime kicks, But they'd look fresher in my feet."
  5. Neon Sea Slugs - "The squishing footsteps trudge in muck. Their path revealed by heavy heel. My heart beats quick; a stroke of luck!"
  6. Orange Arrows - "Such devilish-may-care couture- The colors clash and make a splash! Without a doubt, footwear du jour."
  7. Takaroka Mesh - "It keeps the elements away: No rain, nor heat, nor snow, nor sleet. But does it guard against ink spray?"
  8. Knitted Hat - "No matter thickness, brim, or gauge, A well-done purl will awe the world. These handmade hats are all the rage!"


Line A

Line B

Line C


  • The Mem Cakes resemble erasers, specifically the kind that are shaped to look like certain things.
    • In fact, Mem Cake erasers have been sold as Splatoon merchandise in Japan.
  • Collecting all 80 Mem Cakes without the help of Pearl or Marina unlocks a secret boss called Inner Agent 3 .
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