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Note: This is an article about the boss in the Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion bundle. For information on the boss that appears in the main story mode, see Octo Oven.

Extra extra delicious! Octo Oven XXL
— Intro to the Octo Oven XXL boss fight.

The Octo Oven XXL (タコツボベーカリー Takotsubo Bēkarī XXL?, lit. Octopus Pot Bakery XXL) is an Sanitized Octarians fighter and a boss in the Octo Expansion of Splatoon 2. It's a sanitized version of the Octo Oven and fought at the Deepsea Metro interchange station for Lines G & I named "Toastmaster Station".


The Octo Oven XXL consists of a tall octagonal building-like structure, with several openings from which the bread-like Sanitized Octarian (or several bread-like Octarians) emerge to attack the player, and each one even has a separate voice. On the Octo Oven XXL, there is a small red eye-like sensor, which will move to follow the player. During the second phase, some of the ceramic walls of the oven will break off, revealing some more machinery, such as a door with a warning symbol on it (Glazing Machine) and a larger optical sensor.

The vents on top of it will also grow in size, extending upwards. During the third phase, the door with the warning symbol on it will open, and a large rod of ink sprayers will emerge. The loaves of bread will also gain some armored spots on them, each adorned with an Octarian bread company logo.


First Phase

The Octo Oven XXL will slowly crawl around, trying to line up one of its loaves with the player. The red sensor will shortly lit up, then the boss will extend it, and quickly retract it, leaving a trail of Sanitized Octarian ink in its wake, easily forewarned by seeing the loaf that's about to attack having its faced coated in ink before the door opens to release it. After three attacks with one loaf, the Octo Oven XXL does a short hop as it seems to go berserk at that point in a frustrated temper tantrum and extends all of its loaves at once. The loaves remain extended for a while, giving the player time to ink them, leading to some humorous moments with making them whimper and groan if you shoot the faces, and jump from loaf to loaf and climb the ceramic walls to reach the tentacle at the top of the oven. The player needs to fire at the tentacle to deal damage, making it swell up as it takes damage; after enough damage is done, the tentacle will burst, sending a geyser of enemy ink shooting out of the boss' ink reservoir, and the player super jumps safely to the ground before the next phase begins.

Octo Oven XXL has all the attacks its Octo Canyon counterpart has, and also has four Sanitized Octotroopers guarding its tentacle that will shoot the player from above (one of which will drop an Ink Armor Canned Special on death). As before, climbing up Octo Oven XXL's sides will allow the player to attack the tentacle, though they will have to defeat the Octotroopers to avoid taking damage.

To win, keep track of your ink levels and select the Jet Squelcher to make your life easier. The Squelcher has good range, allowing you to destroy the Ink Sprinklers and enemies mounted on the top of the oven. Keep moving and circling the oven, refilling and defeating the enemies at the top. During the first wave, you can also collect an Ink Armor power-up that gives you temporary invincibility. Save it for the second or third wave.

Second Phase

Some of the Octo Oven XXL's ceramic walls will break off, revealing more machinery and a larger sensor. These iron walls can't be climbed, which means you have to jump from loaf to loaf more to access the top of the oven. It will also shoot gushers firing Sanitized Octarians's Ink around the room before the start of the round. Asides from that, the boss keeps its original attacks. In addition to the ink gushers and decreased walls, the Octo Oven XXL will call two Sanitized Octocopters and a Sanitized Rocket Octobomber to protect it, the latter of which will drop a Sting Ray Canned Special that should be saved for the next phase. It will also have Sprinklers on its sides that will allow it to rapidly ink large areas of the arena at once.

Because of the extra defenses the Octo Oven XXL has in this phase, it is much harder to destroy the tentacle here compared to the original Octo Oven's second phase.

Third Phase

The Oven will now extend a "glazing machine" periodically; mainly when you don't attack it with all its loaves out, but also as the first move of the phase. It will slowly turn towards you while the machine shoots out massive amounts of ink. The gushers are now strategically placed in areas that will get in the way of the player trying to outrun the machine. When the attack is completed, an extremely large portion of the arena will be covered in Sanitized Octarian Ink, greatly reducing the player's maneuvering room unless they begin laying down ink of their own. In addition, the oven's loaves of bread come out four times before the special attack and at a faster rate, and parts of them have armored spots that are un-inkable and un-climbable.

The Octo Oven XXL's top will be defended by Sanitized Octosnipers and Splash Walls blocking off access to the tentacle as well as more Sprinklers. Additionally, it will use a new attack where it forms two rows of gushers to wall in the player; it then extends one of its loaves before swinging it to one side. If the player has the Sting Ray dropped in the last phase, it can be used to eliminate the Octosnipers and/or the tentacle without having to deal with the Splash Walls first, leaving them and the surviving Sprinklers to be destroyed with the boss in a massive splash of the player's ink once the tentacle is destroyed for the third and final time.

Boss Demonstration


Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion - Octo Oven XXL-2


  • "Toastmaster" is a reference to the public-speaking group called the "Toastmasters".
  • The tagline is a reference to the 1991 Pop/EDM song Get Ready For This by 2 Unlimited
  • There could be a possibility that the tagline is also a reference to Caitlin Koi's English translation of the Calamari Inkantation "Y'all ready for this?"


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