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Cleanser of Inklings...Octo Shower!
— Octo Shower's Subtle

The Octo Shower (タコツボビバノン Takotsubo Bibanon?, lit. Octopus Pot Bibanon) an Octarian/robot fighter and a fourth boss in Hero Mode of Splatoon 2. It is the guardian of the fourth area of Octo Canyon, Slimeskin Garrison.


The Octo Shower appears to be an enormous robot, vaguely shaped like a brass-and-copper shower head. The structure of it is rather simple, consisting of a number of metal protrusions hanging from the bottom of a slanted, blue ring that tops the machination, shaped somewhat like a shower cap, with the most prominent features of its chassis being its two enormous, circular optics on the front of it, covered by grates, that constantly glow red. Above the Octo Shower's 'eyes' are two small square vents that also glow red, partially obscured by its cap. Steam will blow out of these during certain actions, such as preparing an attack or recovering from being knocked to the ground. Resting on the Octo Shower's cap is a single, small, yellow rubber duck named Quackers.

On both the top and bottom of the Octo Shower are prominent circular holes. The bottom one serves as a bay that hides the Octo Shower's arms - two-segmented robotic appendages with blue rubber gloves for hands - as well as a variety of upscaled weapons that it holds using them, including a Charger, a crank gun, and a Sting Ray. The top one serves as an access for the control tentacle inside the machine; a large amount of magenta octo-ink can be seen within. Usually, this top hole is covered by a large, metal drain plug, with a number of chains connected to it. Octocopters with special yellow helmets constantly hold onto these, which, when using several at once, allow the Octo Shower to fly and, thus, move - without them, the Octo Shower is completely immobile and its control tentacle, exposed.


The Octo Shower itself is carried by a group of Octocopters, which must be splatted to drop the Octo Shower to the ground, exposing its control tentacle. This, however, proves to be an issue, as the Octo Shower and the Octocopters carrying it fly too high to be hit from the ground, even with the Hero Charger. This is where the unique structure of the arena comes into play; unlike every other boss's arena, the Octo Shower's arena involves a small number of towers dotted around the arena that can be climbed upon to get a better shot at the Octo Shower's carriers or used to hide behind to avoid attacks.

If one takes too long to splat the Octocopters, the Octo Shower will move across the arena and back out of range, requiring Agent 4 to chase it again. The first time the Octo Shower has to be fought, a Sheldon Request requires that Agent 4 use the Hero Charger. On subsequent revisits, however, a number of objects are added around the arena to compensate for the other seven weapons' shorter ranges, such as Ride Rails, Dash Panels, Bounce Pads, and Rolonium spawners.

Phase 1

Initially, the boss is carried by three Octocopters and uses two attacks:

  • The boss pulls out a weapon similar to the Octosniper weapon. The shower head uses a tracking laser that shows where he will fire. He will only fire once before using a different attack. This attack is slow and can be avoided by hiding behind one of the blocks around the arena or simply by running out of the way.
  • The boss releases a stream of ink which will almost instantly splat the player a few moments after the player gets underneath it. The Octo Shower is stationary while it performs this attack, effectively making it only a mechanism to stop the player camping under it to avoid the other attacks.
  • The boss fires Octorpedo that chase the player. The player can shoot these down or hide behind the blocks for cover.
  • The boss will sometimes signal for the Octocopters carrying it to fire on the player, but due to their shots being slow, single-shot attacks, they are easily avoidable.

Phase 2

After taking a hit and losing its first tentacle, the Octo Shower recovers by calling in four Octocopters to carry it back into the sky.

  • It can now move during its ink shower attack, and it uses it if the player has destroyed one of more of its Octocopters. The boss travels to one end of the arena and charges in a straight path at the player, covering the ground with ink until it reaches the other side of the arena.
  • It also can use a hand crank cannon that behaves like the Heavy Splatling. It is advised to take cover here rather than to try and outrun it.

Phase 3

For its final phase, the boss is carried by four Deluxe Octocopters, with their ability to dodge left and right quickly, hitting them is less about using precise shots and more about using a large quantity of them. Offensively, the Octo Shower still uses the weapons from Phase 1 and 2, along with a Sting Ray that tracks the player while piercing cover. Once the Octo Shower's third and final tentacle is splatted, it tries one last time to summon help, only to collapse as no help is coming, and then begins to bounce helplessly as it begins to explode, before bursting apart in a large splatter of the player's ink, leaving the Zapfish behind to be collected and clear Slimeskin Garrison.

Octo Expansion

Main article: Octo Shower Supreme

The Octo Shower returns in the Octo Expansion, known as the Octo Shower Supreme, where it has been moved to the Cool Your Jets Station. Its battle with Agent 8 is very similar to its battle with Agent 4, except this time, Agent 8 is only able to battle with the Inkjet and the Octocopters also attack more often.

Boss Demonstration


The Octo Shower's Boss Demonstration


  • When there is only one Octocopter left holding the Octo Shower, they are seen sweating, struggling with the task of holding it up.
  • When using a weapon, the Octo Shower has hands with blue rubber cleaning gloves on and the plug that the Octocopters use to attach themselves to the Octo shower resembles a bath plug. Both items show the theme of cleanliness - the main theme of the Octo Shower.
  • The rubber duck that sits on the Octo Shower’s name is Quackers. as seen in the Art of Splatoon 2.
    • Quackers that sits on the top of the Octo Shower also wears a bow that resembles Callie's tentacles.
  • The boss arena resembles a public shower, with bathroom tiles covering the large scattered blocks.
  • If one watches the final cutscene when the Octo Shower explodes, they can see the rubber duck fly towards the screen and hear it quack as it hits the screen.
  • The Octo Shower, similar to the Octo Oven, was not originally designed as a weapon. Before being retrofitted, it was an old boiler.
  • Due to the research team adding too many functions, the Octo Shower can't fly by itself.


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