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Note: This is an article about the boss in the Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion bundle. For information on the boss that appears in the main story mode, see Octo Shower.

Now with antibacterial cleaning power! Octo Shower Surpeme
— Octo Shower Surpeme's Subtle

The Octo Shower Surpeme is an Sanitized Octarians fighter and a boss in the Octo Expansion of Splatoon 2. It's a sanitized version of the Octo Shower, and is confronted at the Deepsea Metro interchange station for Lines H & J named "Cool Your Jets Station", located right after the "Break & Bounce Station" where one of the thangs can be found for the Telephone.


The Octo Shower Surpeme is a flat machine vaguely resembling a shower head. It has two large red eyes underneath its white bell, along with small limbs with orange gloves it uses to hold its various weapons. Its weak point is protected by a dark-colored plug with multiple chains protruding from it; Sanitized Octocopters hold on to the other end of the chains, allowing the Octo Shower Surpeme to fly. There is also a small, black rubber duck that sits on top of the Octo Shower Supreme, seen sitting in the puddle of Sanitized Octarian Ink before being sucked down into the ink a second before the boss awakens, then sitting on the boss for the duration of the fight.


In order to defeat the Octo Shower Surpeme, the player must defeat the Octocopters holding it aloft. When all of the minions are destroyed, the boss falls to the ground as the plug pops out of its body, leaving its large tentacle vulnerable to attack.

Your Inkjet is infinite, so you can't use your nonexistent main weapon, but your built-in weapon has very long range. It takes time to hit targets, so you’ll want to aim when the Octo Shower is busy shooting one of its many cannons. The Octo Shower moves faster and you’re a little more vulnerable, but your longer range makes things way easier. You can hit the flyers without too much trouble.

Phase 1

The boss's attacks are mostly identical to the Octo Shower's, but it fires homing Octorpedoes like those used in the original Octobot King fight instead of standard rockets and the Sanitized Octocopters fire several shots at once when directed to by the boss. Destroying the Octocopters will reveal the tentacle, as before. Ink the walls and use the boosters to reach the towers for an easier shot at the Octocopters holding up the Octo Shower Supreme. The Octocopters take about a hit each from the Inkjet's built-in weapon to be destroyed — wait for the Octo Shower to use its weapons to have an easier shot at the Octocopters.

Phase 2

After taking a hit, the Octo Shower Surpeme recovers by calling in four Octocopters to carry it back into the sky.

  • It can now move during its ink shower attack, and it uses it if the player has destroyed one of more of its Octocopters. The boss travels to one end of the arena and charges in a straight path at the player, covering the ground with ink until it reaches the other side of the arena. which is executed faster and can be performed multiple times in a row.
  • It also can use a hand-crank cannon that behaves like the Heavy Splatling. It is advised to take cover here rather than to try and outrun it.

Phase 3

For its final phase, the boss is carried by four Octocopter Deluxes with special helmets that allow them to move more quickly; this makes hitting them more difficult. Offensively, the Octo Shower still uses the weapons from Phase 1 and 2, along with a Sting Ray, which it will perform vertical sweeps with in order to prevent the player from simply flying over the beam. The beam can also be turned more quickly than the regular Octo Shower's. Once the third tentacle is destroyed, the Octo Shower Supreme, like the Octo Shower, will attempt one last time to call for help, only to collapse as it realizes no help is coming, and then bounces helplessly as it begins to explode, before being blown apart in a burst of Agent 8's ink.

Boss Demonstration


Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion - Octo Shower Supreme


  • When there is only one Octocopter left holding the Octo Shower, they are seen struggling with holding it up.
  • When using a weapon, the Octo Shower has hands with blue rubber cleaning gloves on and the plug that the Octocopters use to attach themselves to the Octo shower resembles a bath plug. Both items show the theme of cleanliness - the main theme of the Octo Shower.
  • The boss arena resembles a public shower, with bathroom tiles covering the large scattered blocks.
  • If you watch the final cutscene when the Octo Shower explodes, you can hear the rubber duck quack.