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Octo Valley concept art

Octo Valley (タコツボバレー takotsubo barē?, , lit. Octopus Pot Valley) is the setting of the story mode in Splatoon.


Octo Valley is the home base of the Octarians. It is comprised of many large underground domes, called kettles, and their interior walls are covered with screens that display images of the surface. To find the entrances to these kettles, the player must find anomalies in your surroundings, as they are hidden, and shoot ink at them until they are fully visible. The air around these kettles will appear distorted, so they are not hard to spot. Using the WiiU gamepad, the player can tap kettles you have found and super jump to them.

This is where the Octarians came to live after they lost the Great Turf War to the Inklings. The domes' falling into disrepair and losing electrical power drives the Octarians to invade the surface and steal the Zapfish.


  • The official Japanese Splatoon Twitter account stated that Octo Valley "was made using the remains of an ancient civilization. It seems to be using very familiar things... or is it just my imagination?" This seems to hint that Splatoon's events take place on Earth, long after humans have gone extinct.[1]
  • A large octopus-shaped rock can be found in Octo Valley, which is likely how it got its name.
  • If the player look at the Gamepad before the player defeats the Final Boss you can see a moving Boss Icon which is revealed to be a UFO once the player fights him for the first time.



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