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The Octarians want revenge after losing the Great Turf War 100 years ago!
— Cap'n Cuttlefish, during the first meeting.

Hero Mode (Japanese: ヒーローモード Hiiroo Moodo) is a single-player game mode in Splatoon. It involves the player donning the Hero Suit and venturing into Octo Valley to rescue Inkopolis' stolen Zapfish and defeat the Octarians.


After the Zapfish, Inkopolis' primary power supply, are stolen, it is up to one Inkling, under the guidance of Cap'n Cuttlefish, to travel to Octo Valley and defeat the Octarian army.

List of Levels

World 1

World 2

World 3

World 4

World 5


Hero Mode incorporates various puzzle mechanics and 3D-platforming elements. Gameplay has been compared to Turf War and Super Mario Galaxy, in the sense that it sees players splattering Ink to defeat enemies, transforming into squids, and traversing floating platforms. There are multiple different tools or Mechanics that make an appearance in the Single-Player campaign.

The player's only available main weapon in Hero Mode is the Hero Shot Replica, but also has other sub weapons to assist them: the Seeker (which leaves a trail of Ink), the Splat Bomb (which covers an area in the player's Ink), and the weaker Burst Bomb. The player can only use other weapons in their respective amiibo challenges.

The player has three lives, indicated by a bar with the player's Ink color on the upper left corner of the screen. If the player gets splatted or falls off a ledge, they lose a life, and once all three lives are lost, the player loses the mission, and is sent back to Octo Valley to try it again.


  • Power Eggs - Orange fish eggs scattered throughout the domes of the Octarian forces. These eggs can be used to upgrade your weapons in Hero Mode.
Weapon Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level Max
Shooter - 500 1000 1500
Ink Tank - 100 300 800
Splat Bomb - 100 300 800
Burst Bomb 100 100 300 800
Seeker 100 100 300 800
  • Sunken Scrolls - Sunken Scrolls appear to be lost pages that depict the history and lore of Inkopolis. One can be found in each single player stage in hidden areas.


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  • The player's Inkling wears a vest, headset, and futuristic shoes during Hero Mode. They cannot be purchased, but replicas are unlocked after completing Hero Mode.
  • Before or after any boss battle, creepy moaning and clanging can be heard in the background. This is assumed to be proof that the Octarian civilization is falling apart.[1]
  • The bosses fought are some of The Great Octoweapons.
  • The song by Squid Sisters, "Calamari Inkantation", is respectively reused in the amusement park ride called "Matterhorn", "Flying Bobs", and "Music Express".
  • The music played after completion of hero mode during the end credits is "Maritime Memory"

This section contains spoilers for Hero Mode or Octo Expansion.
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  • Callie and Marie appear in Hero Mode as Agents 1 and 2 respectively. They speak to the player, but you do not see them apart from their talksprites. They also never reveal their true identity to the player. (Or at least on purpose)

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