Octobombers are Octarian fighters that fly in the air and throw Splat Bombs at Inklings. They appear in both Splatoon and Splatoon 2. 


Octobombers appear to be a smaller version of the Octostriker. Octobombers have small propeller helmets with launchers that eject Splat Bombs. They have a perpetually worn-out expression, with a large purple downturned mouth and purple bags under its tiny eyes. It has orange tentacles.


Locations that Octobombers appear in Octo Valley

  • Level 9 - Unidentified Flying Object ~ Trouble Over Inkopolis ~
  • Level 11 - Inkvisible Avenues ~ Find Your Path ~
  • Level 15 - Undeniable Flying Object ~ Bluefin Sighting ~
  • Level 21 - Unwelcome Flying Object ~ Underpass Infiltration ~

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Notes
Japanese ボムタコプター
Bomu Takoputā
Bomb Octopus + Copter

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