Octosnipers are Octarian fighters that shoot ink with long, thin weapons. Octosnipers have a laser showing where they are looking and a red laser to show where they are aiming.


Octosnipers appear much taller than many of their Octarian counterparts. They are stationed on immobile platforms, where they blow shots of ink through a lengthy tube.

Their goggles show their right eye, and their left eye has a laser vision attachment to helm them aim. If one looks closely, they can see that there is a headset as well, implying that Octarians do communicate with each other during combat.


Octosnipers use a charger-like tube that has a very long range and is a one hit K.O. on impact, similar to the Splatterscope. It is highly likely that the Octosniper's weapon is a Splatterscope, which is based on a Sniper Rifle.


Running towards them is possible but very risky, as you may find yourself surrounded by the trails of their shots.

A good way of acting unnoticed is to constantly stay in squid mode and only quit it to use your secondary weapons. If you only press the button shortly, the enemies will not notice you for long enough to decide to shoot at where they saw you. Therefore, you can claim platforms with your bombs and even distract the Octosnipers with them without risking your "safe zone". The Seeker is a good weapon to use here, especially to make a path for you to swim in using squid form. If you're lucky, you might be able to take out an Octosniper at the same time, although they are generally higher up than you. Another efficient method would be to make a path and swim behind it and splat it.

This method is the most effective one in stage 27 where the inkstrikes won't be shot if you stay undercover long enough.

Remember that they have the range of an E-Liter 3K Scope, so be careful when charging forward.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Notes
Japanese タコスナイパー
Tako Sunaipā
Octopus Sniper