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This is an article about the boss in the Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion bundle. For information on the boss that appears in the main story mode, see Mighty Octostomp.

Back like I never left!...Octostomp Redux
— Octostomp Redux's Boss Fight Intro

The Octostomp Redux (タコツボックス・再配達 Takotsubokkusu Saihaitatsu?, lit. Octopus Pot-Box Re-ship) is an Sanitized Octarians fighter and a boss in the Octo Expansion of Splatoon 2. It's a sanitized version of the Neo Octostomp, which can be found on the Deepsea Metro at the interchange station for Lines E & F named "Drop the Bass Station".


The Octostomp Redux is a large cube, with four different layers to its face being the main base, another square which comes out slightly more, the main face area which sticks out more than the second layer, and the eyes and mouth which both stick out of the face. When on the ground face-first, the Octostomp’s face will flatten, but during combat it will have all four layers stick out; each more than the last. It also wears a coat made of ink-proof material, much like the inside of a Hot/Cold shopping bag. The coat has a design of a penguin on the back, and holding it onto the boss is a large plastic buckle, which the player will need to shoot first before he/she can climb up.

The Octostomp also is hiding an Octotrooper inside the top of the coat, complete with a Heavy Splatling-like gun.

During the 3rd phase of the fight, the Octostomp Redux gains another coat similar to the first one, but this one has two zippers at the sides, allowing its 2 extra faces to be revealed. At the back of the boss is the hole where the tentacle is resting, which the player will need to shoot in order to defeat the boss.

It is mostly metal with a grey body. The Octostomp’s face is covered in Lime Green ink, with its lips being a slightly yellowish green and its eyes being black and green. 

The Octostomp Redux has two amusingly small legs with black socks, which are somehow able to make the massive body jump, although they aren't very useful for getting back onto its feet. Underneath it also has some hanging wires.


Phase 1

Octostomp Redux uses the same attacks as Neo Octostomp does in the second phase of The Octostomp Returns, but gets up from his stomping attacks much faster. Additionally, it launches bubbles like the Bubble Blower's from its sides after its armor is destroyed, making it harder to ink. To make this fight a lot easier, lure the Octostomp to the edge of the arena. There’s a lip down below that’s 100% safe to hide in at all times. You can just wait down below and shoot up at the straps on the faces in the third round. He can’t hurt you, and you don’t have to worry about getting squished.

Phase 2

Octostomp Redux will now have two more buckles on its sides, all of which must be destroyed to remove its armor. It can also spit Bubble Blower projectiles and perform two faceplants in succession, trying to fake you out with the first before following up with the second one.

Phase 3

Octostomp Redux gains two more faces like Neo Octostomp did in its third phase, and the extra buckles are moved to the new faces. All three faces will spit Bubble Blower bubbles followed up by a Splatling volley to burst them, and when it loses its armor Octostomp Redux will produce even more bubbles when it faceplants, even attempting to burst them immediately with a second faceplant that will release another salvo in the process.

Boss Demonstration


E12 Drop the Bass Station (Vs. Octostomp Redux)