Piranha Pit is a multiplayer stage in Splatoon and Splatoon 2.



Notable Locations


Ranked Battle


  • Splat Zones There are two zones in this version, the two located to the side of each conveyor belt. The two conveyor belts lie between the splat zones, making this an obstacle to keep both zones in possession of your own team at the same time.
  • Tower Control - TBA
  • Rainmaker - TBA

Splatoon 2

  • Splat Zones There are two zones, both right next to each other. They are located right between the two conveyor belts with a small amount of space between the zones, thus creating the two separate zones.
  • Tower Control - TBA
  • Rainmaker - TBA
  • Clam Blitz - TBA


  • Water: Water surrounds the entire stage; it's an island. Falling in will splat the player and send him/her to the spawn point.
  • Conveyor Belts: These are scattered across the map, and can slow or speed up the player down when traversed.


  • The map was added to Splatoon on December 28, 2015 at 9pm ET (6pm PT)[1]
  • The map was added to Splatoon 2 on March 30, 2018 at 10pm ET (7pm PT)[2]
  • The stage is named after the piranha, a meat-eating fish with large teeth.
  • A glitch was found in Tower Control on this stage, in which if a player goes under the tower with a roller, their Inkling's head will snap into a creepy position.[3]
  • During the unveiling of the regular or ranked battle stages, when Callie and Marie talk about Piranha Pit, Callie asks, "What do you think they're extracting form this pit?" Marie then answers, "Salt? You're usually pretty salty after battling here." which references the term for gamers getting mad or "salty" after losing a lot.
  • When a Turf War match ends, the conveyors will stop and the ink visible when the conveyors stop will count as turf.



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