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Roll with Punches...The Rampaging Octowhirl!

The Rampaging Octowhirl (タコツボール Takotsubōru?, lit. Octopus-Pot Ball) is one of the Great Octoweapons and the third boss of Splatoon's Hero Mode.


The Rampaging Octowhirl appears to be a giant metal spinning-top clam with spikes, purple eyes and a protruding red tentacle. Its lower half glows in a spotted pattern when enraged. The eyes are shielded by a transparent shell, and blink similarly to a malfunctioning lightbulb. Purple ink pours from the centre of the Octowhirl as it spins. The underside of the Octowhirl is adorned with a large spike which it balances upon, and can be retracted within the shell.


Closeup of the Octowhirl's face.

Phase 1

The Octowhirl spins around to the edge of the arena like a spinning top, once it sees the inkling in humanoid form, or in squid form out of ink for a few seconds, it immediately tilts onto its side and rolls towards the player at high speed attempting to squash it. The player must create a large pool of ink so that the Octowhirl, when it charges sinks into it, exposing the tentacle inside it. When sufficiently coated the Octowhirl should suddenly drop downwards and the tentacle pop up in the centre, but if the player misses they can be steamrolled as the boss restarts their attack cycle.

Phase 2

On the second instance, the Octowhirl activates the arena floor, making the two outer sections rotate in opposing directions. The floor can either be inked entirely or the player can lure the boss into their path after shooting ink further to the side to match the rotation of the tiles.

Phase 3

In the final part, the Octowhirl removes a large amount of the floor tiles, exposing a few uninkable glass surfaces, significantly reducing the available space for ink. The player should follow the path of the central platform and walk backwards, inking up to the edge as the Octowhirl will likely only sink in a pool of ink that is larger than it. After destroying the tentacle for the third time, the Rampaging Octowhirl explodes, revealing a blueprint and the Zapfish.


To defeat the Rampaging Octowhirl, the player must splatter a pool of ink for the Octowhirl to roll into, similar to when fighting an Octoball. After having fallen into the pool of ink, the Octowhirl's tentacle will be shown. The player then must shoot the tentacle until it is destroyed. The process is repeated two more times. In the second phase, the floor will be rotating, and in the third phase, part of it will be Glass. After defeating the Octowhirl, the player will be rewarded with some Power Eggs, a Sunken Scroll, and the Zapfish.

Splatoon's Boss demonstration


Splatoon (2) Boss 3 - Octowhirl


  • The Rampaging Octowhirl is based on a mixture of a giant clam and a spinning top or dreidel.
  • Submerging the Octowhirl in ink is done in a similar way to Octoballs, the only difference being the amount of ink needed.
  • It is the only Great Octoweapon that does not at all change itself in any way throughout stages 1, 2 and 3.