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For the monthly map rotations, see Splatoon 2 Ranked Map Rotations.
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Ranked Battle (Japanese: ガチマッチ Gachi-Matchi / Real Earnest Matches) is one of the modes in Splatoon. It can be accessed to players Level 10 and up. The modes included in this category require a higher level of strategy compared to regular modes, and wins and losses will be counted toward players' ranks. Players begin with a 'C-' rating but are able to improve and regress based on how well they perform.

Ranks are gained or lost based on a point scale from 0-100. When the 100 ranking points are met, the player will move onto the next rank with 30 points. If the meter hits 0, the player will fall to the previous rank with 70 points. Ranked points are given or taken based on several factors concerning the rank of each team's members as well as the rank one is currently in, the difference between points gotten of lost from base value can typically be up to 4, less so when in S and S+ rank.
Ranks include C-, C, C+, B-, B, B+, A-, A, A+, S, S+, and X.

List of Modes


  • Splat Zones - Played similarly to the King of the Hill mode from other types of shooter games. It revolves around a central "zone" or "zones", which players must attempt to cover in ink. If a team holds the zone for 100 seconds, they win immediately. Otherwise, the match ends after 5 minutes, and the team that held it longer wins. However, if the losing team had control when the time runs out, the game will go into overtime until either the losing team takes the lead or they lose control of the zone.
  • Tower Control - An Inkling must take control of one tower and ride it towards the enemy base. The first team to get the tower to their enemy's base wins. If nobody has reached the end point by the end of the time limit, whichever team reached the farthest wins. However, if the losing team had control when the time runs out, the game will go into overtime until either the losing team takes the lead or they lose control of the tower.
  • Rainmaker - When the battle starts your goal is trying to take control of the Rainmaker and carry it to your enemy's base. The Rainmaker has a bubble shield on it that you have to burst (Like Zapfish ) before snagging it. While holding the Rainmaker, your movement is slowed but it can fire (in the original Splatoon) a charged ink tornado or (in Splatoon 2) an explosion close to a Splat Bomb. First team to reach the enemy's base wins. If time runs out, the team who got closest wins, however, if the losing team is in possession of the Rainmaker when time runs out, the match will go into overtime till the losing team takes the lead or the wielder is splatted.
  • Clam Blitz - Added in Splatoon 2, the two teams have to collect clams and throw them into the enemy team's goal by using a power clam. Power Clams are made when an Inkling collects 10 clams. Once the goal is open, the players of a team can throw clams in to increase their score. The first team to score 100 points wins. Overtime can start when the losing team is in possession of a Power Clam on the field and will end if the power clam despawns or if the winning team opens the goal.

Score System

Rank Base Points Won Base Points Lost Knock Out Score Normal Score
S+ +3 -6 6000p 5000p
S +5 -5 5000p 4000p
A+ +10 -10 4000p 3600p
A +10 -10 3600p 3300p
A- +10 -10 3300p 3000p
B+ +10 -10 3000p 2600p
B +10 -10 2600p 2300p
B- +12 -10 2300p 2000p
C+ +12 -10 2000p 1600p
C +15 -10 1600p 1300p
C- +20 -10 1300p 1000p
  • If the players lost the match when Time Up, they will get the points from each count they earned multiply by 5p. If they got Knock Out by the opposite team, they will get 0p.


  • The Ranked Battle mode was released in the first game after many players reached Level 10, unlocking on June 1, 2015 at 10pm ET (7pm PT).[1][2]


Stage Callouts


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