The Rapid Blaster is a Main Shooter weapon in Splatoon and Splatoon 2.


The Rapid Blaster is a shooter that is similar to the Blaster but fires quicker and is heavier. It uses a laser effect when fired. It comes with Ink Mines and the Bubbler.


Shooters are the backbone of (almost) any good team. They're versatile and varied with each weapon, and cover plenty of ground, as well as apply more pressure to the enemy team than either Charger or Roller weapons.

The Rapid Blaster is a part of the Blaster family so like other Blasters it fires a spherical projectile which explodes after a while. However unlike other Blasters it cannot splat Inklings in one direct hit and takes a minimum of two direct hits to splat Inklings. The Rapid Blaster however has a greater range that most blasters (only the Rapid Blaster Pro and the Rapid Blaster Pro Deco has greater range. The Rapid Blaster comes with an Ink Mine to surprize enemies and the Bubbler to get them out of sticky situations.

Tips against each weapon type

  • Shooter-type weapons will vary as far as what specific weapon your enemy is using. For something you outrange, such as a Blaster, abuse your range and quick firing rate to take care of them. If they get close place an Ink Mine and retreat. If the weapon outranges you like the Splattershot Pro, retreat or use your Bubbler to take care of them or at least deter them away.
  • Roller type weapons are at a slight disadvantage thanks to your range however bewary if they get to close as their fling of ink can splat you instantly if too close. If this does happen use your bubbler but if it has not charged placed an ink mine to surprise attack you.
  • Charger-types have an advantage over you due to their amazing range so if you come into contact with them retreat. If they are aiming at someone else, sneak up on them to strike them twice.

Weapon Quote

"Mitigates the weaknesses of the regular Blaster by giving up a little shot power for a better rate of fire."

Names in other languages

Language Name Notes
Japanese ラピッドブラスター
Rapiddo Burasutā
Rapid Blaster
French (NA) Turboblasteur Turbo Blaster
German Turbo Blaster




Rapid Blaster in action

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