Splatoon THUMB medium

Respawn points are features that are present in all the Stages in Splatoon. In multiplayer modes, such as Turf War and Splat Zones, there are two respawn points, one for each team.


Respawn points appear to be metallic devices with a flat surface on top. These surfaces are colored to match each team's ink color.


When a match begins, all players on a team appear on their designated respawn point in squid form. In a short pre-game sequence, players turn into Inklings and shake off remaining ink. When an Inkling is splattered  in combat, they will reappear on a respawn point after a short period of time, where they are able to continue playing. The respawn point is also a safe space for a team member that belongs to that side; the area is protected by an invisible wall which can only be seen when a player from another team tries to attack it. This means players can kill someone from another team without it being possible for them to be hit if their base is being attacked. This prevents spawn camping . This also acts as a barrier to knock the opponent who is attacking backwards, to keep the opponents from spawn killing and camping.

At any point, a player can tap their spawn point on the Gamepad to jump back to their spawn. With the Recon ability, a player standing on their spawn can see the locations of the opposing team.

Someone jumping from their respawn point